Shiny Moltres Has Arrived On Pokemon Go

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Did you forget about Pokemon Go? I know it hasn't been in the news anywhere near as much as when it first launched back in 2016, a time when the mobile app became a mainstream phenomenon, but that doesn't mean that Niantic Labs hasn't been working day in and day out to add more content to the ever-so-popular monster-catching game. The latest update for Niantic's Pokemon Go actually brings in one of the more popular Pokemon from back in the day, being none other than a Shiny version of Moltres. If you have the guts and the determination, you can go on your quest right now to capture the rare Pokemon.

Forbes is reporting that there's a reward for those who manage to complete a raid in Pokemon Go. As part of the wrap up of the summer events, Niantic Labs is hosting a three hour raid opportunity to get your hands on a Moltres. This follows on the raids involving Articuno and Zapdos, both of which have been featured in the community raids. In order to unlock this event gamers had to complete 5.1 million research tasks per event to gain access to the opportunity to get their hands on the flaming bird.

Moltres is going to be featured at every gym during the three-hour raiding marathon, but you have to keep in mind that not every Moltres will be a Shiny version.The big difference between normal Moltres and the Shiny Moltres is that the normal Moltres is a bright yellow with flaming orange tips on the wings and on its tail and crest. The Shiny Moltres retains the same fiery tips on the wings, tail and head, but the body is a bright pink instead of a bright yellow, making it stand out even more.

Getting your hands on one is no easy task, though. Unlike the other events where the drop rates increase for the Pokemon in Pokemon Go or where you can just grab a free gift code and retrieve the legendary monster like in the Sun & Moon series, for this particular event you'll need to raid the gyms, which requires working with other players. The thing is, just because you're raiding the gyms doesn't mean you'll encounter a Shiny Moltres, much less are you guaranteed a victory in defeating it, and even less than that a chance to capture it.

Forbes suggests heading into the inner cities or major parks to check out the gyms in the area, and it might increase your chance of getting it. All Shiny Pokemon do have an auto-catch turned on, so there's no worries about missing the catch process, but you still have to get its life low enough and you still need to have enough Pokeballs in your inventory to make it possible. The percentage rates of Shiny Moltres popping up around your neck of the woods are rather low, but if I imagine percentage trainers might be able to get their hands on one. For gamers who have been following the Community Day events in Pokemon Go closely, this is a nice little opportunity to attempt to get your hands on the ultra rare Pokemon.

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