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The Fortnite news just never ends. The game is continuing to rock and roll its way through the record books as being the biggest Battle Royale game on the market. It managed to surpass more than 125 million registered users, and has consistently stayed in the news as it receives consistent updates and patches in order to keep the millions of fans entertained and coming back for more. The latest news for Fortnite isn't about a new content drop, it's about a brand new bundle pack. Epic and Nintendo have teamed up to introduce interested consumers to a brand new Fortnite Nintendo Switch bundle that will allow you to take your gaming habits on the go while you enjoy some Battle Royale gameplay.

The new bundle is scheduled to launch at participating retailers starting October 5th. The bundle will include a Nintendo Switch and various special items for Fortnite packed into a $299.99 specially marked box. This includes 1,000 V-bucks that you can use to purchase in-game gear, as well as the Double Helix Set that comes with a specially made character outfit, back bling, a custom glider, and a pickaxe.

The press release mentions that the V-bucks can be used to purchase a Battle Pass, or you can use it to unlock additional customization items and content for your character.

The pricing is interesting because it's still $299.99, which is exactly the same as the standard SRP for the vanilla version of the Nintendo Switch. You can purchase the system right now from anywhere and still get it for $299.99. The big difference here is that you get the extra incentive of having some free Fortnite gear tossed in to accommodate the purchase.

Now if you look up the cost of the V-bucks, you'll find that 1,000 V-bucks will run you about $10, and with the additional gear you have included in the bundle, you might be saving yourself around $20 or so by getting the Fortnite bundle packed in with the Nintendo Switch, which isn't a bad deal at all.

Epic Games' Battle Royale title has been a huge success so far and given that it's free-to-play on the Switch, and you don't need the premium subscription to the Nintendo Network to keep playing online, it makes sense that Nintendo and Epic would work together to help promote the presence of the game through a bundle deal.

If you don't already have a Nintendo Switch I would definitely say this particular offer might be worth it for those of you who are interested in picking up the console. If you already have it, then you don't have to worry much and you can stick with what you have and grab the free client for Fortnite and start enjoying some third-person shooting action by downloading the game from the Nintendo eShop.

Now, keep in mind that this isn't the bundle for the Switch due out this fall. There's also a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle, along with a Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee pack as well. So, be sure to keep that in mind as you search around for the right bundle deal to suit your needs. Obviously, if you're a big fan of Fortnite or know someone who is, then this new bundle will be right up your alley.

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