Otherside Entertainment is working on a new entry in the venerable System Shock series. The new game has been teased but we have absolutely no idea what the game will be like, whether or not it will be a first-person shooter, a third-person RPG or anything in between.

The only thing we know about System Shock 3 is that it's coming and that Otherside Entertainment is working on it according to their teaser website. The new game could definitely benefit from some really cool and necessary features, some returning and some new. So we thought we would take the opportunity to explore the seven things System Shock 3 needs to have.

Weapon Degradation
Weapon degradation was featured in System Shock 2 but it definitely needs to make a comeback for System Shock 3. This feature would make the game more strategic and scarier to boot.

While most gamers might assume weapon degradation could end up being tedious like in Far Cry 2, it can also keep the gameplay fresh by ensuring players don't become too comfortable relying on just one weapon for too long. Some games have a tendency of giving you an overpowered weapon and so much ammo that there's no reason to switch. A properly implemented degradation system could keep the game feeling tense as players will need to monitor how often they use a weapon and when to repair it. It also forces players to run rather than fight in some cases.

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