If you have a smartphone like many others in the world today, then you know how addicting certain mobile games can get. Take Candy Crush for example. Once you start playing, the gameplay starts out as easy, so you keep going thinking, “there’s no way this is going to get difficult.” Wrong. But despite failing multiple times, you just can’t stop playing. But with games like Farmville, the addiction is on a whole other level to the point of extreme dedication. And these are the eight mobile games that are really like full-time jobs, with all the work and upkeep they require.

1. My Singing Monsters
When I started playing this mobile game, I absolutely loved it. The melodies from each individual monster were so appealing that I wanted more. In order to survive in this game, you have to continuously monitor the timer for when the new monster egg is getting ready to hatch. There’s also a timer on when you can build more things or create more food to help your monsters grow. In the end, this game got way too expensive for me.

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