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One of the most critically acclaimed comic books released in recent times could become a game, according to the creator of the series. The name of the comic? Saga. And the writer believes that a development studio like TellTale Games would be perfectly suited to handle the material.

IGN picked out quotes from an interview that Saga creator and writer Brian K. Vaughan expressed to The Verge. As noted in the article, Vaughan believes that Saga could work better as an interactive video game than as a movie, saying...
"That's actually something that has come up," .... "A Saga video game, particularly if it's sort of about characters other than the main characters in our story, is really exciting to me — even more exciting than a film or TV show. So, uh, never say never."

Why would it work better as a game than as a movie or TV show? Because of the depth, diversity and complexity of the character arcs and the deep web fictional fantasy that the series relies on quite heavily. As a television show it would be limited due to its budget and as a film the story and characters would be limited due to screen time.

According to Vaughan, something like Tales From The Borderlands, Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead might be the better route for Saga when it comes to transitioning from one medium to the next. Vaughan states...
"I love those Telltale games that I've seen," .... "It's very clever. I like that it's based on making moral decisions, it's not just a button-masher kind of game."

For those of you completely and entirely confused by all of this... Saga is a sci-fi fantasy adventure series that follows a family with a newborn amidst the turmoils of a war-torn galaxy. The couple have come together from two different warring races and are on the run from the authorities and various other factions.

The comic – even though it has received plenty of praise and awards – has also come under mild fire for some of its more graphic subject matter, with Neowin previously writing about the comic briefly being banned from Apple's iTunes app store.

Vaughan had stated...
“Unfortunately, because of two postage stamp-sized images of gay sex, Apple is banning tomorrow’s SAGA #12 from being sold through any iOS apps.

“… our book has featured what I would consider much more graphic imagery in the past, but there you go. Fiona and I could always edit the images in question, but everything we put into the book is there to advance our story, not (just) to shock or titillate, so we’re not changing s**t.”

I suppose this would make for some interesting subject matter for an interactive video game. As we've seen with TellTale's The Wolf Among Us, they're not afraid to show a little skin in their games, just the same as they're not afraid to show a lot of gore with The Walking Dead.

Of course, nothing is set in stone at the moment and TellTale has been pretty busy as of late with a smorgasbord of properties in their pipeline, including Minecraft: Story Mode. We'll keep you posted if anything ever comes out of Vaughan's interest in getting Saga turned into a playable video game.
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