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Blood Bowl 2 has been in development for a year, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced today. They've released the first teaser trailer for the medieval fantasy football game.

BB2, like its predecessor, is a cross between Warhammer and American football. Teams of orcs, dwarves and other fantasy characters will face off on the gridiron. They can beat their opponent by scoring touchdowns, or by killing all of them. Players will level up as they gain experience, but can be permanently slain in games.

Jim Johnson the Vampire and Bob Bifford the Ogre will once again provide commentary during each match. They'll also interview players during campaign mode in their Cabalvision studio. The trailer above provides a formal introduction to these two characters.

The press release says that Blood Bowl 2 will be out in the second half of 2013. No platforms were mentioned. The original game was released on PC originally, with Xbox 360, PSP and DS versions following closely behind.

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