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50 brand smacking new games have been greenlit for Steam. A ton of these games are actually pretty cool, including one of my own personal favorites, Aces Wild.

Speaking of Aces Wild, the game is a wild romp through a colorful and fantastically designed modern era of fisticuffs and over-the-top action. I love the art-style and the combat mechanics and I can't wait to add it to my Steam library. The multiplayer, special attacks and Jackie Chan-looking main character just adds to the overall appeal. Heck, don't take my word for it, check out some footage of the game below.

Other titles that were greenlit also includes AR-K: The Girl Who Wasn't There, a title sure to spark flames and fire of positivity with those pushing the feminist agenda: decently dressed female lead? Check. No violence? Check. Decent graphics? Check. Fleshed out story with well-written characters? Well, you'll have to play the game to find out if that's true.

If you're curious what the game looks and plays like, you can check out some video footage of the title below.

Burning Cars, Catlateral Damage, 4PM, In-Fluent, Edge of Eternity and 1heart were also greenlit, along with the Minecraft-wannabe game, Block Story... because really, we just don't have enough Minecraft clones these days.

One of the more widely popular Greenlight titles from x35mm is the beautiful side-scrolling game, Dawn of the Ronin. And this game isn't cool just because they decided to quote us on their Greenlight page (well, mostly because of that... but not really). The title uses a lot of dynamic, contrasting backgrounds to help make the shadow-figures stand out in an artistically captivating way.

I imagine it's the sort of game that can draw you in both visually and engage you with its gameplay, mechanically. You can check out the brief trailer for the title below. Again this is another title I can't wait to add to my Steam library.

Another game that missed my radar but actually looks pretty cool is a game called Infectonator: Survivors. This perma-death, survival, tower-defense, RTS action game is a unique blend of multiple genres as players aim to grow their character, survive the harsh environments, grow your characters and take down zombie hordes. It's pretty awesome... a little like DayZ-lite.

You can check out the video for Infectonator: Survivors below, or visit the official Steam Greenlight list to see the complete list of games that have been greenlit and will be arriving on the Steam store as soon as they're ready.

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