Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming to the Wii U. Eidos Montreal, who developed the previous versions of the game, has announced a Director's Cut edition for Nintendo's new console.

Human Revolution takes place in 2027, 25 years before the first Deus Ex game. Players control Adam Jensen, a security officer at Sarif Industries who is outfitted with mechanical augmentations after being beat half to death. Using his newly augmented body, he must investigate why he and his company were attacked.

The Wii U's GamePad is integrated into the Director's Cut experience. Players can use the controller's touchscreen to snipe enemies, throw back grenades, or hack electronics. The GamePad can also be used as an map, with unmentioned "interactive" elements.

The Director's Cut is said to iron out some of the faults in the original PS3, Xbox 360, PC versions too. Improved AI and "refined" combat are mentioned. The boss fights have been overhauled as well. That last one's a biggy; the boss fights were the most awkward part of the game.

Eidos is also throwing in the previously released DLC for Human Revolution. A new rescue mission will allow players to cross paths with a key character from Deus Ex. Missing Link, meanwhile, is a new interquel chapter for the game that lets players re-do their augmentations.

The first screenshots from the Director's Cut are below.

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