White Paper Games' first-person adventure title, Ether One, is set for release next week on March 25th. You can check out the recently released launch trailer for the game, as it gives you a very distinct idea of just how trippy the game might be.

Ether One sees players trying to piece back together certain events while undergoing some serious brain sifting. I can't thoroughly detail what the story is about because it's not an easy thing to describe within the confines of a single article, but I can say that if you enjoy first-person puzzle adventure games, Ether One adds some necessary diversity to the mix.

Gameplay wise, players will venture about and through a world that can suddenly undergo some startling mind-bending changes. Why or how these changes happen will be left up to players to discover.

There's definitely a bit of Dark City and The Matrix going on in the game world, and this leaves gamers with plenty to discover and unfold as they unravel the mystery laid out in Ether One.

One of the other trailers helps add a bit more context to what's mentioned above. Check it out below.

Now, for those of you who are either running potatoes or just don't feel like joining the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race, fear not, for White Paper Games has a solution for you: a console port.

Previously, one of the developers mentioned how Sony was very forthcoming about getting their game onto the PlayStation 4 – and thus, White Paper wasn't about to turn down a grand opportunity to expand and explore further options to get their game seen, heard and experienced on another platform. Sadly, this doesn't seem to include the Xbox One... for now.

Nevertheless, the resurgence of the mid-budget game tier is a great thing, no matter how you cut the custard. It's nice to see games like Ether One coming back and potentially making the jump to home consoles after getting in a decent run on PC. Even though some of the home consoles struggle to hit 1080p, at least we're getting some interesting games this generation.

You can look for Ether One to launch next week on the Steam store. For further information on the game, feel free to pay a kind visit to the official website.

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