PC gamers will be able to try out EverQuest Next Landmark in February when the alpha test launched. To get access to the test, you'll need to purchase a Founder's Pack.

There are two Founder's Packs to choose from. The $59.99 Explorer Pack provides you with unlimited alpha access along with a bonus flag, magic ring, container, two outfits, and an explorer flag. The $99.99 Trailblazer Pack includes everything in the Explorer bundle along with several other perks, including four friend keys for the closed beta and early access for the open beta. Trailblazers will also get their names in the EverQuest Landmark credits. The full break-down of each package's bonuses can be found here.

Sony Online Entertainment expects to launch the alpha test on or before February 28th of next year. The closed beta will begin on March 28th or earlier. It's a bit easier to get access to the closed beta. You can purchase the $19.99 Settler Pack for unlimited beta play. Settlers will also get a bonus pickaxe and title, among other things.

Alternately, you can earn a beta key by registering on the game's website or winning a giveaway. Giveaways will be held through Twitch.tv, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. The beta keys received by registration or giveaways are limited to seven days, though you can get more than one to extend your play time.

EverQuest Next Landmark is a sandbox building game. Players can explore the world, complete procedurally generated adventures, and gather materials. They'll then use those materials to construct buildings and other objects. Builders can sell the items they designed through a Player Studio for real-world money.

The best player creations will be used by Sony Online Entertainment in EverQuest Next, the upcoming next-gen MMORPG. EverQuest Next is a story-driven game set in the land of Norrath. Players can create their own custom class and embark on quests with firm consequences. The NPC's will react realistically to player's behavior. The game world is also said to be fully destructible and can be permanently altered by player actions.

EQ Next Landmark and EQ Next are both expected to launch to the public in 2014. Both will be free to download and play. Only a PC release is planned at the moment but PS4 gamers could get the game eventually as well.

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