Fallout 4's New DLC Will Be Massive

If you were hoping to explore more of the wastelands in Fallout 4, then you’re in luck. According to the team at Bethesda, the next batch of DLC, Far Harbor, is going to be pretty massive.

Once again, it’s amazing what you can learn through Twitter. Gamerant, for instance, stumbled upon this Twitter conversation between fan, SirCabbage, and Fallout 4 VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines. When Cabbage asked about the size of the upcoming Far Harbor DLC, Hines stated that is will actually be bigger than the Shivering Isles DLC for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, that game’s largest piece of additional content.

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That’s a pretty impressive feat, considering the fact that Fallout 4 Director Todd Howard has added that the upcoming DLC will insert the largest bit of landmass ever created by the team at Bethesda. Once you add on all of the new missions, enemies, locations to explore, etc., that $25 price tag become much less surprising for Far Harbor. And for you collectors out there, this new DLC will of course add in all sorts of new armor and weapons you haven’t already gotten your grubby little mitts on.

And that is, of course, only one small (or big, really) part of the Fallout 4 post-launch road map. The Automatron DLC has already dropped, tasking players with taking on a new threat to humanity, The Mechanist. To do that, you get to build your very own robots, which you can then have tag along beside you across the entirety of Fallout 4.

Also on the fresh offerings docket are the new Survival Mode, for those of you who want to push your wasteland skills to the limit, as well as a new Wasteland Workshop set to arrive in April, which will give Fallout’s crafting system a major overhaul.

Then, come May, you can dive into Far Harbor, the expansion that will answer the question of how safe it is to go exploring the ocean while wearing a giant metal suit. While each of the main pieces of DLC can be purchased piece meal (remembering that there’s still a third one that we have no details on at this time), you could also fork over an extra $50 to subscribe to the Season Pass.

So tell us, readers; are you still exploring the wasted in Fallout 4? What keeps bringing you back to the game? Also, what are you hoping to get out of this Far Harbor DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.