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The modding community that stands under Bethesda's titles and pumps out some of the most crazy, weird, fun and unique modifications for games like Skyrim and Fallout are already hard at work on the upcoming Fallout 4 even though the game is still quite a few months out from release.

According to a report from Game Rant, user Zealotlee is modeling mods for Fallout 4. He posted over on the official Bethesda Softworks website announcing that he was coming back to the modding scene after taking a break, writing...
Some of you might recognize me as the creator of such mods for Fallout 3 like the ACR and my contributions to Project Nevada for New Vegas. I stepped away from modding for a while but Fallout 4 pulled me back in. Now I'm working on some models that I plan to import into the game as soon as the tools become available.

Zealotlee links to an Imgur folder where details on the new Rail Rifle v2 mod are let loose.

The weapon will contain modifications, so players will be able to swap out the ammo drums for different types of ammo, as well as modify the barrel. The weapon mods for the Rail Rifle v2 aren't just cosmetic either. Different barrel types will have different effects in the actual game, such as shorter barrels packing more power but not having the same travel distance as longer barrels.

In addition to ammo types and barrel sizes, the Rail Rifle v2 also allows for customizable stocks, grips and optic sights. It's an impressive bit of modding for a game that's not even out yet!

According to Zealotlee he's going through the prep phases now so that once the Fallout 4 mod tools become available gamers will be able to download the mod right away. Zealotlee already has an impressive pedigree of mods made for previous Fallout games, including importing a customizable ACR assault rifle into the game complete with sights, scopes, barrel and stock modifications. Zealtlotlee also has an impressive MP5 pack for Fallout 3 that includes all the standard mods you would expect from someone who seems to dedicate a lot of their time to the modding scene.

One of the other impressive mods Zeatlotlee tossed into Fallout is the Lambda HEV Power Armor from the Half-Life series.

Bethesda's game director for Fallout 4, Todd Howard, has already confirmed that they will be working with the console manufacturers to allow for mods to be made available from PC for the Xbox One and PS4. The Xbox One is confirmed to allow for mod imports some time in early 2016 after the PC version receives the official mod tools.

Sony has to sign off on the ability to import PC mods from Fallout 4 into the PS4 version of the game. It's likely that Sony will sign on the dotted line because this is an opportunity too big to pass up, especially given how much modding will extend and expand the life of a game well beyond its initial release.

You can look for Fallout 4 to officially launch for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting on November 10th, 2015.