This Far Cry 4 Map Turns The Game Into Mad Max

Making maps in Far Cry games have always been a staple of what made the series so popular. The most recent entry in the Far Cry series offers gamers a wide variety of ways to make unique and varied content, including recreating missions that would fit in perfectly with Mad Max's universe.

There's a video of the map titled Mad Max: Fury Road posted by YouTuber Usmcftw355. You can check it out below.

The map is a pretty simple design, featuring the player-character riding around in a dune buggy while having to take out a specific target. The target is located amidst a series of other trucks and jeeps in what appears to be a convoy prepping to mobilize.

The player rides around the convoy using whatever weapons they have available within their arsenal, shooting and blowing up the baddies as they see fit.

The map is a pretty basic and the one thing that makes it look like Mad Max is the fact that it takes place out in an open desert with little else in sight. Some YouTube commenters complained that the video wasn't very Mad Max like and that the action just consisted of driving around in a circle. Thankfully, there are a few videos available of this Mad Max-inspired desert map that aims to mimic the rowdiness of Australia's outback. The video below is, in my opinion, a far more thrilling and action-packed look at the map. The video comes courtesy of TheCallaHanCrew JT.

That's a fairly thrilling video. He not only gets his original ride destroyed but then blows up a few other vehicles and then repairs an enemy vehicle and steals it after his ride gets totaled... again.

It's actually not too far fetched from Avalanche Studios' upcoming take on Mad Max, which looks like it's shaping up to be pretty cool. It's really impressive how Avalanche Studios went over and beyond with the game's dust and smoke particle effects. You can see a pretty clear difference between Far Cry 4's limited dust plumes compared to the ones in the upcoming Mad Max game.

Even still, if you don't feel like buying the new Mad Max or you just need a hold-me-over until the game arrives this September, the Far Cry 4: Mad Max Fury Road map isn't a bad way to bide your time until the new game comes out for home consoles and PC. I kind of wish the maps could be bigger and maybe have a few more road obstacles to use as a way to wreck the cars, but it's decent enough for what it is.

Far Cry 4 is available right now for home consoles and PC. If you already own the game but want the Mad Max map, just search for it on the custom map page.

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