Just one month following the official U.S. release date announcement for upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG Fire Emblem: Awakening, Nintendo has released a (extremely) brief teaser trailer showing off a quick look at what this latest installment in the storied franchise has to offer.

When Nintendo says they are releasing a “teaser” for a new game, they mean exactly that. This latest bit of media for Fire Emblem: Awakening clocks in at a mere 20 second. But, hey, that just means you can watch it a few times in a row to really soak it in, right?

It was announced back in early December that Fire Emblem: Awakening will finally be making its way stateside following a Japanese release of April, 2012. If there’s one thing that we can take away from this latest trailer, it’s that the game is looking pretty dang gorgeous.

Along with lovely graphics and a new anime-inspired art style, Awakening introduces a stronger focus on building relationships than in previous games. The Fire Emblem series is all about warring kingdoms, epic stories and a strategic RPG battle system that puts a focus on unit strength, formation and use. In Awakening, players will be able to build stronger relationships with their teammates outside of battle, earning perks and stronger formations when it comes time to tussle with the enemy.

With Fire Emblem: Awakening only a month away from finally releasing in the U.S., we’ll probably be seeing more trailers, screenshots, etc. popping up in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping for something a little more substantial next time. That’s not a knock against this latest trailer so much as a statement that, next time, I would like to stare at all that prettiness for longer than I can hold my breath.

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