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Nintendo has been keeping the lid on their Pokemon games due out this year. They haven't been showing a lot of footage or promotional material for the upcoming titles, and only just recently did they release some new screenshots for Pokemon GO. Well, the highly anticipated and newly announced titles, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will receive its first gameplay footage soon.

Gamespot is reporting that a fansite for Pokemon called picked up word that, on a Japanese variety show called Gathering at the Pokemon House, there will be a few special guests that are set to appear on April 3rd, 2016 next week.

Who are the special guests going to be? Well, they have plans on bringing on the Pokemon Sun and Moon director Junichi Masuda, who will be joined by the game's battle director Shigeki Morimoti. Additionally they mention that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire game director Shigeru Ohmori will also be on the show to talk about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS outings, and that the trio from the Pokemon Company will not only talk about the upcoming game(s) but also air the first ever gameplay footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Previous to this, the only thing we've seen of the game is what was teased in the Nintendo Direct a while back. Almost nothing was on display in the Nintendo Direct other than a few words from the creators and some brief glimpses at the concept art of the game.

As mentioned at the top of the article, Nintendo hasn't been really forthcoming with throwing out a lot of promotional material for their games recently and have been quite reserved in their approach for games like Pokemon GO. We only just recently received some new screenshots of the game after it went dark in the media for quite some time. Following the announcement trailer it wasn't until SXSW that we saw some allegedly leaked footage of the gameplay concepts, but it was in no part thanks to Nintendo.

In regards to Pokemon Sun and Moon, gamers have been left to speculate and ponder about what little they've been able to glean from the brief glimpses of the concept art that was on display in the Nintendo Direct a while back.

The concept art did reveal a lot of neat possibilities for the upcoming 3DS title. For instance, in some of the pictures we got to see what looked like vehicles driving around with Pokemon in the back. There were also some emergency vehicles that had a Blastoise replacing the water hose with its water cannons. The images led gamers to believe that new forms of transportation could be coming to the newest Pokemon titles that aren't just another version of the bike.

Beyond that, we don't really know much of anything else about Pokemon Sun and Moon. The battle system has been completely under wraps, and Nintendo is playing it all very close to the chest. Hopefully something significant will be unveiled on April 3rd to give gamers a real reason to be excited. Alternatively, it could be another teaser leading up toward the announcement of the Nintendo NX, where Nintendo might have some seriously cool news to share about both their software and hardware line-up to round out 2016.

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