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Well here's something you don't see, or hear, everyday. Proficient programmer and accomplished nerd Greig Stewart has managed to do something that most people might view as seemingly impossible, by recreating the popular Game of Thrones theme song using a modified synthesizer based on Nintendo's Entertainment System technology.

As mentioned on the original CNET article...
“Stewart built the NES Keytar using the NES console; NES, Famicom and Guitar Hero controllers; a toy keyboard; three mini Arduinos; and a Raspberry Pi, as well as some MIDI components and connections to create one awesome finished product.”

The video is already just over the halfway point toward the 100,000 view mark, as of the writing of this article. It's definitely moving up fast and furiously toward the viral realm and it needs just a bit more pushing and shoving in the social media sector to get there.

It's not my favorite rendition of the popular HBO television show's theme song, but it certainly is a creative burst of ingenuity – I mean, using an NES and its 8-bit sound modulation to play Ramin Djawadi's now iconic theme song really is striking. Still, my favorite remix of the Game of Thrones theme is still by Jason Yang and Roger Lima.

Then again, it's not like Djawadi's theme song needs much remix loving to begin with. When the show first aired there were countless Game of Thrones themes used in APB: Reloaded, as a bunch of gamers absolutely loved Ramin's original rendition of the song.

Funnily enough, Djawadi is no stranger to gaming. He's a cross-media composer and you're just as likely to hear some of his stuff in television as you are movies (Pacific Rim, anyone?) He also made waves with Electronic Arts' reboot of Medal of Honor back in 2010, with a moving and dynamic series of thematic tunes to help flesh out the story-driven first-person shooter. You might remember it if you take a listen below.

Man, I love that one.

Anyway, you can check out Game of Thrones on HBO. If you want to see more of what Greig Stewart has to offer, feel free to give him some love over on his official YouTube channel.

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