MechKnight Chronicles Brings Awesome 4-Player RPG To Greenlight

Looking for more games you can play with friends or family via couch co-op? Well, how about more four-player titles you can play with friends or family online? How about a beat 'em up title with anime-inspired fighting, leveling up, stat customization and skills to unlock? If that all sounds good to you then you might like MechKnight: Chronicles Knightfall.

Dinosaur Games is working on this super cool game and hoping to get it greenlit for Steam, and I can gladly say this was upvoted and favorited faster than the noobs could pile in to ask YouTube quality questions.

According to Dinosaur...

Here at Dinosaur, we're Huge fans of 80s cartoons, anime, mecha, Transformers, and action games. We're bringing a new twist to the fantasy genre with our art style and aesthetics by taking what we love from the previous list and mashing them all together to create something new!

Ah, developers after my own heart. They go on to name some of their favorite RPGs and brawlers, including games like Dungeons & Dragons from Capcom and newer titles like Castle Crashers. I picked up a bit of Captain Commando and Sengoku 3 in that trailer above as well, which is great news because both those beat 'em up brands have been indefinitely shelved.

For those of you feeling burned out and fatigued with AAA games that feel like work instead of play, MechKnight Chronicles is one of those games that looks like it aims to bring the fun back to fun factors. With 10 playable characters at your disposal, customizable stats and four-player cooperative or competitive action to boot, I don't think gamers could upvote MechKnight Chronicles fast enough.

And by all accounts, would it hurt to show a little love to Edge of Space? Can't believe this game still hasn't been greenlit yet even after the sixth wave of games have been greenlit.

Anyway, you can learn more about MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall by visiting the official Steam Greenlight page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.