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A publisher that only publishes indie games? What is this madness? Is this 1992 and the return of the Epic versus Apogee shareware battle? Why, of course not. It's 2013 and it's the rise of the indies, as Midnight City is here to save us from the AAA conglomerates by rekindling memories of nostalgia with games we never played but think we did.

Twinfinite does an awesome write-up on the new-found publisher who is formed from the remnants of Reverb Publishing and IGN (yeah, I know, it's like members of the Doritocracy decided to break off and form their own party) with former CEO of Reverb Communications, Doug Kennedy, and former Editor-in-Chief, Casey Lynch, picking up the mantle of Midnight City, a smaller publishing subsidiary label under Majesco Entertainment.

The new Midnight City is more of a hands-off publishing approach for indies, almost identical to the failed experiment that was supposed to be the edgy, hands-off publishing subsidiary of Southpeak Interactive known as Gamecock Media Group... yeah, remember them?

Midnight City is hoping to go the route rarely went by keeping budgets curtailed and expenses low. We've heard it all before but the games are what will make or break the publisher. In this case, we're looking at “out there” titles that your standard mid-budget or AAA sized publisher wouldn't touch unless they could guarantee some measure of success (e.g., EA picking up Shank or Sony backing Journey).

The games Midnight City have picked up all look interesting one way or another, and some of them are titles you may have even heard of before (if only in passing) such as the Mariot Kart-style racer Krautscape, which we briefly covered along with Skylands as titles seeking approval on Steam Greenlight.

Some of the games I've never heard of but really want to play, like High Strangeness... that game looks like the kind of throwback beat 'em up I've been dying to play. Plus, I've still yet to find a fix to replace my urge for gang fisticuffs after Rockstar's ingloriously addictive brawler, The Warriors. Scott Pilgrim is not enough!

Other titles under the Midnight City label also includes games like The Bridge, the super trippy adventure-puzzle title that seems to be like a 2D version of Antichamber. They seem to have a wide variety of games across a number of different genres while also dabbling in new-school ideas utilizing old-school graphics, or games with new-school graphics utilizing new-school ideas. It's kind of a win-win no matter how you look at it.

Midnight City will be continually rolling out new games... and hopefully I'd like to see more of their titles make the leap onto home consoles, especially Nintendo's eShop. They really could use some games like Krautscape and High Strangeness.

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