Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Free DLC For April Includes Sonic The Hedgehog Gear

Capcom unveiled some new DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The recently released action-adventure RPG for the Nintendo 3DS contains gear from gaming classics like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Capcom announced the news over on its Unity blog by dropping a two-minute update video. Check it out:

There's a lot of content in the April pack, and while Capcom usually receives a ton of flak for its policies on DLC and some of its past transgressions, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's April pack is actually free. Yes, it's free.

As the video shows, gamers will have access to a new Sonic suit for their Palico, along with a matching Mario and Luigi outfit. If you didn't already gain one (or both) of these suits in the starter pack, you'll get them with the April DLC release.

Brand new quests have also been added, granting players the ability to take on new hunts or new challenges in the arena. For instance, the challenge of fighting two dragons at once has been tossed into the mix, which is sure to give most players a run for their money. And several other new tasks have been added that allow you to attain new weapons, armor, and outfits for your character.

In case you missed it, the March DLC pack is still available. And it's free. The update features clothing and armor based around Link from The Legend of Zelda. You can get Link's armor, sword, shield, and bow. The entire pack is free to download so there are no worries about DLC strings being attached.

If you're wondering why there's so much Nintendo content being put into Monster Hunter, it has to do with Nintendo's new outlook on expanding its properties by allowing a limited supply of content to appear in other entertainment mediums. This includes costumes and characters being used in other titles. The idea is to grow the recognition of Nintendo properties without diminishing the brand's value. We recently saw the Big 'N' exercising this tactic with Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U, where Koei Tecmo experimented with having Legend of Zelda characters appear in a Dynasty Warriors-style spin-off. The game had moderate success and praise, showing that Nintendo has a bit of wiggle-room without worrying about over-saturation or brand devaluation, which is what ended up happening with Sonic and Crash Bandicoot over the years.

Nintendo won't have to worry about Mario or Link being devalued by having their costumes appear in Monster Hunter Ultimate 4. If you already own the game for the Nintendo 3DS, you can grab the downloadable content packs right now. And they're free.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.