Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Free DLC For June Revealed

Capcom rolled out the free monthly DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS. The new content comes with a sparkling new trailer that shows off some fancy new gear that gamers will be able to acquire by completing various quests. You can see the trailer below to get the details.

That's some sleek new content for Monster Hunter 4. I'm especially impressed that legendary designer from Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura, contributed to the new Square Enix armor and weapons for the game.

For those of you who don't know, Nomura is famous for his amazing character designs for Square Enix games, including Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. He's lent his talents to the efforts of Capcom to help bring even more original content to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with the radically cool looking armored set and weapon for people who like slaying monsters in style.

Getting a hold of the gear won't be easy, though. The Square Enix armor, which looks like something from Final Fantasy IV with a 3D overhaul, will require you to complete the Steel Vanguard quest for the armor, the Twilight of the Gods quest and the Candle of Darkness quest. You'll get the full armor set and weapons by completing those quests, but they won't be easy or for the faint of heart.

Still, if you can complete those quests you'll be in for a grand time in Monster Hunter with the new armor and weapons, as showcased in the trailer above.

On the slightly lower end of the scale is the new gear from Devil May Cry, and not DmC from Ninja Theory... the classic Devil May Cry that was made famous by Capcom before there was that whole fallout over the new emo-Dante. Players who want the Devil May Cry gear Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will need to complete the Gravious May Cry quest to unlock Dante's jacket, wig and sword.

There's been a lot of time spent talking about Square Enix and Devil May Cry but there's some other DLC available, for free, in the newly released June DLC pack and that's the Animal Crossing gear. The contents from Nintendo's popular series is easily acquirable, you just have to spend a little time fishing. In fact, if you complete the blue marlin fishing quest you'll instantly unlock the new Animal Crossing duds.

One of the other final quests added to the June update is the Enter The Red Dragon mission, which is designed to give even the most ardent and hardened monster hunters a real run for their money.

You can grab the new DLC for the Nintendo 3DS title right now, for free. The trailer also teases something big for July so fans of the game should keep their eyes peeled for when Capcom drops the next big update.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.