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Three new gameplay trailers for Monster Hunter Online has gone live for public consumption, giving gamers some awesome insights into the epic boss fights in Tencent and Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter Online.

All Games Beta dropped the new videos for the gaming audience and digital monster hunter aficionados at large, giving the audience of interactive entertainment addiction a small taste of what they can expect from the highly anticipated MMO from Tencent Games, Monster Hunter Online.

The CryEngine 3 powered MMO is a hub-based title with instanced areas and small hunting parties. I was curious how they would handle the world map traveling, but they decided to keep things small, condensed and compact. This is usually how MMOs are handled when running on either the Unreal Engine 3 or CryEngine 3 due to both engine's limitations for handling large, open-world vistas with hundreds of players at one time. Not to diverge on a tangent, but this very limitation is the thing that has some gamers fearful for how Star Citizen will turn out given how big the scope of the game is and how there are no reliable examples of the CryEngine 3 ever being up to task to handle something that large.

If you were hoping Monster Hunter Online would assuage fears of the CryEngine 3 not being entirely suited for MMOs by dispelling the myth, think again. The game satiates the experience with a lot of small instanced areas interconnected much like the standard Monster Hunter games on home consoles and portable devices; Fallen Earth this game is not.

Nevertheless, there's no sense dwelling on the downside of the MMO, let's talk about the upsides, as there are many. For one thing, the bosses are not keen on staying in one place, forcing players to move around quite a lot to keep up. This mechanic really forces players to stick together and stay alert, as opposed to other boss battles in MMOs where it's more about spamming heals, spamming a DOT DPS move and avoiding the big hits.

With Monster Hunter Online players are required to dodge, strafe, time their attacks and bide their time to stay alive long enough to indulge the urge to loot the spoils after a hard-fought victory. It's a very similar gameplay setup to Maiet's equally impressive and visually stunning RaiderZ Online.

The video also does a pretty good job of showcasing various weapon types, weapon mechanics and play-styles for those who were curious how much of the console/portable-based gameplay would transition over to the MMO; quite a bit transitions over and then some.

No word yet on when the beta will become available to gamers outside of China, but the first closed-beta test recently got underway just last week, so it may be some time before we see more news regarding an international release.

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