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New Quantum Break Live-Action Trailer Showcases The Game's Villains

Microsoft is prepping for the April 5 release of Quantum Break next week on the Xbox One and Windows 10. To help remind gamers that the title is on the way, they released a new live-action trailer for the game featuring the game's villains.

Gamespot explained a little bit about the villains while linking to the minute long trailer that helps give gamers an idea of what to expect from the upcoming third-person shooter. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Eurogamer Portugal's YouTube channel.

The trailer blends in sequences from the tie-in Quantum Break television show with the upcoming game. According to the Gamespot post we'll learn more about the villains in the four episode series that clocks in at around 22 minutes for each episode.

One of the guys in the trailer appears to be an alternate action hero to Shawn Ashmore's Jack Joyce. It's hard to make out who the other guy is but he almost looks a little bit like one of the villains in the game. If you haven't seen the early gameplay walkthroughs that some YouTubers have been posting up then I'm not going to spoil it for you, but the villains in the game aren't quite as clear-cut and cookie cutter as you might be expecting them to be.

Paul Serene, played by Aidan Gillen, is portrayed in the trailers as the main villain, but him becoming the villain is actually the twist. Again, I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but it's a little odd that they give away that story aspect of Quantum Break, since it's such a pivotal plot point. Then again, I'm sure Remedy needed a series of promotional videos to help sell the game in an easily digestible manner and having anything too confusing would just confuse people further and turn off potential consumers.

Paul Serene is accompanied by the cold and calculating Hatch, played by Lance Reddick. Still trying to avoid spoilers here... but Hatch is labeled as another one of the main villains but his role in the game is to help maintain the image of Paul Serene's company, Monarch. Hatch runs risk management and attempts to minimize the damage to the company and the public perception of the company.

There are a few other key players involved that actually carry out the dirty work for Monarch, but the real question within Quantum Break is... why? Despite the early parts of the game being made available to view on YouTube, Remedy made sure that the actual goals and motivations of Serene aren't entirely spelled out. We also don't get the full end-game goals of Monarch, so there's still a lot to discover from the game when it launches next week.

I wasn't entirely sold on Quantum Break as a game, but the gameplay is solid enough and the mixture of time powers made it look a lot more interesting during the actual play than what was featured in the trailers. The ability to mix and match how the powers can be utilized in the game opens up a lot of cool combat opportunities and possibilities. There are also some puzzle solving scenarios and plenty of platforming as well, so it's not all just shoot-shoot, bang-bang.

Quantum Break is due to drop exclusively on Microsoft's platforms, the Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.