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Since the Total War: Warhammer 360-degree trailer debuted recently, it’s so surprise that others have been experimenting with using the technique to get inside some of our favorite games. 

IGN was no different. In this video, they take viewers on a 360-degree trip into the history of every Super Mario game, to see America’s favorite game from a whole different perspective. Check out the video below.


It should be important to note while IGN’s headline says it’s every Super Mario game in 360-degrees, it’s actually not. The video shows the original Super Mario game as Mario travels around the map, traveling down the timeline of Super Mario game releases. The images of the games pop up in the 360-degree world, showing when they released. 

What’s interesting is seeing your favorite side-scroller in the form of a loop. While the game feels like it ends in real-life, the video shows one continuous square where the game continues. Mario’s character moves across the map as photos of the older Super Mario games pop up with the original release date. 

I think it’s a neat way to showcase the history of the Super Mario Bros. and how far the franchise has come. I can’t think of another franchise that has done so well with a broad audience across decades (especially since things change so much from decade to decade). What ate up kids’ time in the 80’s and 90’s has done the very same thing with today’s kids, so it’s fair to say Super Mario is a very universal game. 

As these 360-degree trailers and videos keep becoming popular, I can’t wait to see more games utilize the tool to create a different and more interactive experience around the gameplay experience. 

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