Skyrim Mod Lets You Become Pirate Captain

There's a brand new mod taking the Skyrim community by storm, given that it bridges two things people really love: Skyrim and pirates. Now anytime someone says “This game is like Skyrim but with pirates!” you can just say, “Well that's too bad because that already exists in a mod for Skyrim called Pirates of Skyrim.” There's a video from YouTuber Brodual that gives a basic rundown of the mod's content that you can check out below.

Kotaku did a brief write-up on the mod, explaining how you'll need to acquire a crew for your boat , needing at least three people if you want to sail the high seas.

Your ship can be upgraded by gathering the appropriate materials and taking it to the NPC so they can expand and level-up your ocean ride.

The mod allows players to travel to three different sea ports and when entering the instanced areas the map's events are randomly generated, so there's something new each time you go out. However, there is a limited number of random events, so while each event might be different, there is a limited number of events. This could change in future updates to the mod.

In addition to traveling around in the boat from one destination to the next, players can also scavenge for goods and treasure in the water. Yes, you can swim around in the water like a fish in a bowl to find loot and stuff. That's a bit more than what can be done in games like Pirates of the Burning Sea or Pirates of New Horizons.

Of course, what good is traveling around if you can't duke it out with rival pirates? Pirates of Skyrim allows players to fulfill their inner desire to unleash Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag-style menace on opponents. Just don't expect all those flashy moves and Assassin's Creed quality melee animations in Skyrim, even with the added support of mods.

Not all the ships you encounter on the seas will be evil, though. Some of them will be trade merchant ships that you can exchange goods with, others will be pirates or other vessels operated by various races looking to get a one-up on you.

You can kill the crew of opposing ships and take control of their ship, loot their cargo hold and help use the goods to upgrade your own ship.

There's also a morale system in place, similar to Mount & Blade where the crew will only stay loyal to you if you give them proper dibs, rum and other goodies in return.

In the video the Pirates of Skyrim mod is described as sort of add-on mini-game mod and that seems to be a fitting description for it. If Mount & Blade, Risen and Assassin's Creed IV just don't cut it for you as far as pirating goes, you can grab the Pirates of Skyrim mod from Nexus Mods.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.