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Only two manufacturers of hardware peripherals are signed on as licensed distributors for the Xbox One: Performance Designed Products and Turtle Beach. Microsoft changed their peripheral policies to limit who can make what kind of hardware for their system. This means that you're either going get things from Microsoft, Turtle Beach or PDP.

Last year we reported on Turtle Beach becoming an officially licensed manufacturer for Xbox One accessories, and this year we get to report on when the first set of headsets from Turtle Beach will be launching for the Xbox One.

Gamer Fit Nation spotted the news about the official launch date for the new Turtle Beach XO Four and XO Seven, which are both due to drop on March 7th.

The XO Four is the cheaper of the two at $99.95, and features wireless functionality that works with the Xbox One and mobile smart devices. Unfortunately, no PC gaming support. Awesome versatility for that price, eh?

You can fold up the earcups and it offers full chat compatibility, an adjustable microphone, mixing controls and 50mm neodymium speakers.

The XO Seven is the more expensive of the two – still wireless, by the way – bringing the price to performance ratio up to $159.95.

The XO Seven features all the same features as the XO Four, except it sports swappable speaker plates, noise-canceling foam cups and a detachable microphone.

These two headsets are coming in time with Microsoft's own official stereo headset due for release in early March. Microsoft's stereo headset is $79.95. So for $20 more you can get a headset with surround sound capabilities and additional support for mobile devices. You know what would be real nice? Unlicensed third-party support.

Anyway, the Turtle Beach headsets have become available right now for pre-order at the above listed prices.

March seems to be the month where the Xbox One finally starts kicking things into high gear, and a lot of it is because Microsoft is banking big on the success of Titanfall to work as the killer-app for the Xbox One. It's supposed to be a pretty big system seller and Microsoft is supporting the release with additional patches and peripherals, including the new Xbox One media remote.

You can check out the promo video for the Turtle Beach XO Seven below, or you visit the official website to learn more about the XO Four and XO Seven, both which are due for release on March 7th.

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