Twitch Community Is Now Raising A Tamagotchi Together

So Twitch has decided to keep rolling out more “Twitch Plays” sessions. After successfully completing games like Dark Souls and Pokemon they've decided to move the community on to something a bit more casual... like Tamagotchi.

The Verge is reporting that the Twitch community is now head over heels in playing the monster-pet raising simulator Tamagotchi. Yes, that little gaming device that was extremely popular way back in the late 1990s when Napster was cool and people thought 5kbp/s was fast on a 56.6k modem. You can see the live-stream of Tamagotchi being played with the embed below.

The controls are pretty simple, players can manipulate the gameplay through the chat. There are some basic commands to utilize, including typing in the letters 'A', 'B', or 'C' into the chat to activate specific commands.

The main objective is to keep the Tamgotchi fed and happy. Feeding is done by highlighting the context sensitive objects and pressing 'A'. You can also turn on and turn off lights... also done with the 'A' command. You can clean up the poop with the 'A' button and then flush the poop away with the 'B' button. The same applies for playing games with the pet or feeding it medicine.

Majority of the controls center around pressing the 'A' button and every so often pressing the 'B' button. It's a lot different from the typical games where fast-paced reactions and reflexes were the order of the day.

The chat over on the live version of the feed moves along almost at a snail's pace compared to games like Dark Souls, where the community really had to hunker down and get serious if they wanted to beat the game.

In fact, most people thought that it would be impossible to beat Dark Souls through the “Twitch Plays” methodology because gamers would never work together well enough to make it happen. However, never underestimate the collective drive of a gaming community who have been raised to win and bred for victory. The entire culture of video games surrounds the concept of conquering insurmountable odds, no matter what. In the case of Dark Souls it was about overcoming the cumbersome community-oriented mechanics, but they managed to do so and beat the final boss in the game.

They also managed to work together to capture all of the Pokemon in Pokemon. The game was definitely a step back from Dark Souls in terms of complexity and difficulty but they managed to put differences aside and recognize the might of teamwork and using Pokemon on the field who could kick butt and take names with ease.

So surely if gamers can beat Dark Souls and capture a bunch of pocket monsters in Pokemon, then they can work together to raise a Tamagotchi, right?

You can get in on the action or see how well others are doing by checking out the Tamgotchi Twitch channel.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.