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Watch Chris Evans Go Full Hero In This Call Of Duty Online Trailer

We previously reported that Hollywood superstar and the man behind the Captain America mask, Chris Evans, opted to lend his talent to Tencent and Activision for the promotion Call of Duty: Online. Well, there's a full trailer of Evans going full hero, and you can check out below.

MTV spotted the new trailer that's actually an extended version of the teaser clip that was released last week. Instead of just having Evans pop in and shoot a rocket launcher like in the last teaser clip, he takes a much more prominent role in blasting the crap out of enemies.

There's a brief quip from one of the teammates asking "Who does he think he is? Some kind of Hollywood action hero?"


It's not uncommon to see Hollywood celebrities appear in live-action promotional campaigns for highly popular games, especially Call of Duty. Previously, we've seen NBA stars and actors making appearances in promotional trailers for Activision's game. One of the most popular trailers or commercials was a buddy-up video with Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington. The video was funny, snappy and full of action, no different than the one above starring Avengers and Captain America actor, Chris Evans.

The trailer starts with a group of friends taking a selfie in the elevator. It evolves into an all out gun-brawl in a war-torn scenario. The group are pinned down by a helicopter that eventually gets blown out of the sky by Evans, who conveniently comes to the rescue of the group.

It's not long after that that aliens show up to the battle after Evans and his comrades completely destroy the enemy soldiers. Well, I suppose they're aliens... they could be alien zombies? Anyway, the alien-zombies look pretty cheap but Evans does his hardest to act shocked/scared/surprised. His teammates offer a bit of help to take down the menace before they find out that a full-scale invasion looks to be inbound.

I have to say that I'm no fan of Call of Duty (all of the rehashes and piss-poor respect for the creative side of the gaming industry really turned me off from the series) but it does look as if Call of Duty: Online will have a lot of features. It reminds me a lot of Alliance of Valiant Arms, which is kind of funny because A.V.A was actually directly mirrored after Call of Duty. The meta-market surrounding free-to-play MOFPS titles and their continuous recycling of other games is kind of funny... almost.

Anyway, Tencent has a stranglehold on Call of Duty: Online and they're very unlikely to bring it to America. Gamers are also still waiting for the international edition of Monster Hunter Online, and that's still a no-go. At least you can still enjoy the promo material for the game; hoping that some day you'll be able to open up a can of ownage on opponents like Chris Evans in that live-action trailer above.

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