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There's a new video up for the first 25 minutes of gameplay in the story mode of Mortal Kombat X. The video arrives just ahead of the game's release for home consoles and PC on April 14th.

It's safe to say that there are spoilers ahead, but if you don't mind you can check out the story mode courtesy of All Games Beta.

The first 10 minutes or so of the video for Mortal Kombat X's story mode is mostly just a recap of the segments that were already released to the public featuring Johnny Cage. These bits were showcased a short while back by NetherRealm. Cage fights off Scorpion and Sub-Zero before players are introduced to another neat cinematic sequence.

We next see Raiden and Fujin fighting off wave after wave of Outworld demons. I was never a big fan of Fujin, but definitely learned to appreciate him and his fighting style by the time Mortal Kombat: Armageddon rolled around. Also, his battle armor and spear were pretty awesome.

Unfortunately players don't get to do anything with Raiden and Fujin, but it looks really cool. We finally get to see what befell Jax, as he's not only returned but has Outworld cybernetic arms this time around. The biggest problem with the video is that whoever was playing had no idea how to play, and therefore the fighting looked pretty poor.

It may be a 26 minute video but it moves by pretty quickly. Also, the storytelling is done in a seamless way to tie into the game's one-on-one fighting. There's also a ton of characters we see but I'm wondering if they're actually playable in the game. I get the feeling they might return as DLC. We see a bunch of fan-favorites make an appearance, such as Stryker and Sindel, along with the FGC-favorite Kabal. However, seeing them in the cinematics doesn't guarantee that they'll be playable in the actual game. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Throughout the video poor Kenshi just keeps getting pimp-blasted into a corner. But I have to say that the story mode for this game actually looks really, really good. Heck, I actually wanted to see a heck of a lot more than what they showcased.

Mortal Kombat X is shaping up to be a pretty cool looking game, whether you're a fan of fighting games or not. NetherRealm is also taking steps to draw in as many newcomers as possible, enabling gamers to play-test the DLC before actually buying it. It's a nice step up from not being able to get in any time with a character at all before committing to the purchase. It also reminds me of the model Microsoft has setup for Killer Instinct.

Mortal Kombat X is due for release on April 14th, for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game is scheduled to release later in the summer for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. You can check out the game's confirmed roster right here.
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