You can chalk this up as the week conspiracy theorists and tin-foil hat wearers finally got the coin they've been fishing for. With the advent of “Resolutiongate” and the emergence of the Doritocracy, gamers flamed and raged and exploded like never before. A lot of this came to a head over Microsoft and the defense force out to protect the Xbox One's resolution issues. All of these stories and much more in this November 9th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Call of Duty Ghosts Campaign Is Only 4 Hours Long Activision's latest game is only four hours long... still going to pick up a copy?

Warhammer Online Now Free-to-Play As Shutdown Approaches THQ is gone, Relic's efforts are practically lost... the end is nigh.

Destiny's PC Version Would Spread Us Too Thin, Says Bungie Well, there you go Master Race... your Destiny is gone.

Steam Holiday Sales Start Dates Revealed Thanks To Confidential Document Well that's probably the last time Valve sends one of these letters out to a nobody indie dev.

Steam Offline Mode Was Designed To Work Indefinitely, Says Valve That bug that makes you login every two weeks? Yeah, it's not supposed to do that.

Killer Instinct Adds Orchid, Spinal To The Roster Two of the classic characters from the old Killer Instinct will make a return for the new game on the Xbox One.

Xbox One Resolution Woes Brushed Off by Albert Penello Amidst Startling Rumors Microsoft's director of product planning speaks out about all the resolution woes plaguing the Xbox One over the past two weeks.

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