The PlayStation 4 turned out to rule the day as the top selling console for the month of March. It was a slaughter like no other, as inFamous: Second Son helped push and keep Sony's momentum-fueled game console moving through the sales charts like a proctologist moves through rectums. That wasn't all, though. Titanfall managed to become the top selling software for March, sharing a great deal of success across PC and the Xbox One... and just recently, the Xbox 360.

Things took a turn for the worst when news broke that the Xbox One was the object of a father's decision... even more-so than his own child. In fact, the father committed infanticide in order to get some quiet time with his plastic machine. Sad, sad times. These shocking stories and more in this April 19th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

EA Tries To Save Battlefield From Dying
Who knew that a company usually rife with angst from its very own fanbase could turn around and do the right thing? Well, in this case, EA is trying to save Battlefield from Gamespy's upcoming shutdown. Ubisoft is also keeping the good-guy points in tow, revealing that Watch Dogs is still scheduled to arrive for the Wii U in the holiday season of 2014. Respawn didn't want to be left by the wayside, and so they also announced that they have some brand new content inbound for their new IP, Titanfall, and that includes three brand new maps for only $10. Oh yeah, and the kid who plays Carl on the popular show The Walking Dead is also a fan of DayZ.

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