Celebrity Big Brother's Lamar Odom Shares Deeply Personal Reason Why He Still Has Strong Feelings For Khloé Kardashian

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 was exciting from start to finish, and that’s partially thanks to Lamar Odom. The cast member and former NBA champ wasn’t the most dominant houseguest in the game by any means, but he was a constant source of entertainment all the same. He even managed to create a few headlines whenever he spoke openly about Khloé Kardashian and their past marriage. Now, he's getting very candid about why he discussed her so frequently.

Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian divorced in 2016, and the former basketball star has had subsequent romances. It's for those reasons that I asked Odom why he talked about his ex so much during Celebrity Big Brother. After sharing the obvious contributing factor, he revealed another deeply personal reason for why he still speaks so highly of his ex:

Well, that’s the questions that they asked me [laughs]. I didn’t just say, ‘Oh, let’s talk about Khloé.’ They asked me questions about her and our relationship, and I answered as truthful and as honest as I could. You know, without crying over spilled milk. It’s been a little while ago since we were related, but after you marry someone after 30 days at the most pivotal time of your life. . .you know, one day I couldn’t walk or talk. She was there for me. It was hard for me to hold my bowels, like you seen on the show, but that was an everyday thing. This woman, you know, attempted to wipe my backside. How could anybody with common sense forget that?

Khloé Kardashian helped tend to the former Los Angeles Laker after he suffered multiple strokes and heart attacks. And at that point, the starlet had already file for divorce from him the year prior to his incident. Previously, Odom has also credited Kardashian for helping him regain his memory after he awoke from his coma.

During Celebrity Big Brother, the former Sixth Man of the Year mentioned (on several occasions) how special his marriage was to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum, and houseguests even suggested he talked about her like they were soulmates. The athlete mentioned in our interview, however, that he has realistic expectations and doesn’t think he just doesn't think he and his former wife are just fated to be together again:

I also know that time has passed, and people grow. Hopefully, we can just be friends one day.

Perhaps Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom can be friends again, maybe even a couple. After all, other celebrity couples have reunited after years apart, so who’s to say who will and won’t fall in love again? Nevertheless, it's probably safe to assume that Odom won't be joining Kardashian on her family's upcoming Hulu show anytime soon.

Celebrity Big Brother airs over at CBS, but anyone with a Paramount+ subscription can watch the entire season right now. There are also a lot of other past seasons of Big Brother to watch, just in case anyone watches and wants to binge the series ahead of Season 24’s arrival this summer.

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