Celebrity Big Brother’s Todd Bridges Details How He Thinks The Votes Will Play Out During The Finale

Todd Bridges on Celebrity Big Brother
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Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 was a blazing fast adventure, and one that featured heightened drama from start to finish, but now the finale is here. Near the end of the episode, it’ll be some combination of Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate, or Cynthia Bailey vying for the votes of the evicted celebrity houseguests, and America if there’s a tie. We don’t know for sure how the votes will play out yet, though actor Todd Bridges and now-former Season 3 star has an idea of what to expect. 

Shortly after his eviction, CinemaBlend spoke with Todd Bridges about the votes and where he thinks they might go. Bridges was one of the last to leave the house ahead of the finale, and had originally said to Julie Chen Moonves he’d vote for Todrick Hall, no question. Now, after he had some time to look at all the things Hall said, Bridges is reconsidering his vote. It’s not just Todrick he’s mad at, however, as Bridges revealed the preferred vote he’d like to give come finale night. 

I’m mad at what Miesha said, you know, the stuff she was saying, also. I wish I didn’t have to vote for either one of them. I wish it would be Cynthia. If Cynthia was there [at the end], I think she’d get all of our votes because after we all saw what those two have done? Oh yeah.

Objectively speaking, a vote for Cynthia Bailey wouldn’t necessarily be a vote awarding the most competitive houseguest of Celebrity Big Brother with the win. In terms of competitive wins and game moves, Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall certainly did more in the game. They also made a lot of critical remarks about the other houseguests they played with, and fellow competitors like Todd Bridges aren’t happy upon finding out such things. 

Jury management is a part of Big Brother, and is doubly important in Celebrity Big Brother. A non-sequestered jury meant the evicted houseguests had access to the live feeds and clips fans sent them. Many of those clips featured critical remarks about others made by Todrick Hall, and some spoken by Miesha Tate. Bridges wasn’t aware of all that when he first left the game, but told CinemaBlend he did suspect there was something he didn’t realize about Hall, thanks to one conversation.

Unfortunately, I drank the Todrick Kool-Aid, you know? But I knew something was wrong when Todrick was trying to tell me how television worked, about the Nielson ratings. He’s sitting there trying to tell us how it works, and I’m sitting there, like, “Really? You think I don’t know that?’ . . . I think that the game got played, and then I got played. I think that me, Carson, and a few others got played by Todrick. He played us very well, but I think that’s going to hurt him when it comes to the votes.

Many evicted houseguests don’t seem to be willing to vote for Todrick Hall if he makes it to the Final Two, and many fans are hoping he’ll lose unanimously to either Miesha Tate or Cynthia Bailey. Obviously, we can’t predict the future, though Lamar Odom seemed to be leaning towards voting for Todrick in our recent conversation with him. It also seems like either Cynthia or Miesha would vote for Todrick (who is a Big Brother superfan) if one of them leaves and he makes it to the end, so the odds of a unanimous loss seem slim. 

Celebrity Big Brother wraps up over at CBS on Wednesday, February 23, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in for what could be an intense finale, and check out other seasons of Big Brother with a Paramount+ subscription.  

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