Why Celebrity Big Brother's Lamar Odom Doesn't Believe Todrick Hall Deserves To Lose Unanimously

Todrick Hall hasn’t gained many fans during his stint in Celebrity Big Brother, and that goes for those watching at home and the other celebrity houseguests. Fans have complained throughout the season about some of his hurtful and damaging statements made about other people and houseguests, and the celebrities in his crosshairs aren’t that thrilled to be hearing it for the first time either. Some fans are now pleading with the contestants to not throw Hall a single vote come finale night should he be in the Final Two and make it a unanimous loss he’ll have to face. Many contestants in Season 3 feel on board with that idea, save the unshakably honest former NBA star Lamar Odom. 

I spoke to Lamar Odom the morning following his eviction and asked him flat out if he felt Todrick Hall deserved to not get a single vote on finale night. The Celebrity Big Brother houseguest was quick to respond and explain why he didn’t feel Hall deserved something some might see as mean for his behavior.  

No. I think Todrick is just trying to find out who he is. Like I’ve been saying this whole morning, I don’t think he meant to offend anybody. I think he’s just someone who’s a newfound celebrity, [and] how he found fame or stardom is the unusual route. I think he’s just figuring out how to harness that, but he has to do it in front of the world, which all celebrities have to do. . .Celebrities like [the] power that comes along with that. I think he’s just learning how to harness that. . . he’s just doing it in front of the world, and anything [you do] in front of the world, you’re going to make mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes on how we’ve acted or treated someone on this journey. I think that’s just what he’s going through. And it’s so bad that he had to do it on such a huge platform. But, hopefully, coming out of it, he’ll know how to handle himself.

Lamar Odom knows something about being under a microscope and going through a hard time considering his addiction struggles that ultimately led to some serious medical emergencies. Perhaps that’s why he’s quick to defend Todrick Hall, who he spent a good deal of time with in the Celebrity Big Brother house. It seems like some fans won’t get their wish of a unanimous vote against Hall, as it’s possible Odom will throw his fellow houseguest a vote based on what he said. 

Todrick Hall (who is a self-described Big Brother superfan) is going to face a lot of scrutiny when he leaves Celebrity Big Brother, but Lamar Odom seems to believe that is finite. Odom continued and stated he believes Hall will find forgiveness, and hopefully, they’ll get a chance to hang out together once the game is over. 

It’s a forgiving world. We’re in L.A., [California] is one of the most liberal states in America. He’ll get through it. I’ll still hopefully go to [one of his] shows, and hopefully, we can go kick it at a gay club one night, and [I can] still learn from him. I’ve learned a lot from him in this short period of time.

If Lamar Odom is upset with Todrick Hall, he didn’t express it in our interview (other contestants certainly did). He seems more than willing to forgive anything Hall might’ve said about him and others in the house and hopefully move forward as friends once this is all over. I’m not sure that’ll be the case with all the houseguests from Celebrity Big Brother Season 3, but we’ll see!

Celebrity Big Brother’s finale airs on CBS on Wednesday, February 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see all the drama that might unfold when the houseguests reunite and determine the winner of this whirlwind season, and catch up on everything that happened so far by picking up a Paramount+ subscription

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