How FBI: Most Wanted's 'Highly Dangerous' Finale Will Make Things Personal For The Team, According To Dylan McDermott

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FBI: Most Wanted has gone many changes in the third season, and the arrival of Dylan McDermott’s SSA Remy Scott ushered in a new era of the show following the death of Jess LaCroix. The last episode of Season 3 is going to send the team on the trail of an oligarch by the name of Sarkov, whose terror spree in New York City will raise some finale-worthy stakes. It will be a “highly dangerous” case, according to McDermott, and hit close to home for the team. 

The upcoming finale is called “A Man Without a Country,” and will be the first with Dylan McDermott as leading man after he joined the show in the second half of Season 3. He spoke with CinemaBlend about the big episode on May 24, and while fans will have to wait until Tuesday night to find out everything that happens, the star shared his reaction to the script when he first read it: 

It moves fast, the fact that it was so highly dangerous on all accounts. I thought there was great humor in it. This episode I think took 13 days to shoot, as opposed to nine. So it's a bigger and badder episode than than the rest of the season. So I think the fans are going to be really pleased with this one.

“Highly dangerous” sounds about right for an FBI: Most Wanted finale that’s set in New York City! That’s not to say that it’ll be grim and intense from start to finish, with McDermott vouching for some “great humor.” It sounds like fans have a lot to look forward to, even if it might have them on the edges of their seats throughout the hour. Most Wanted has already been renewed for another two seasons, so the finale also won’t be the end of the road. 

The team has spent most of three seasons tracking the worst of the worst criminals across the country, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles over the course of chasing one fugitive. With the episode description for “A Man Without a Country” revealing that the oligarch’s terror spree will take place in New York while desperately trying to escape, I asked McDermott if the case hits differently for the team with the action taking place so close to home, and he shared: 

It does because Sarkov is involving our families. He's threatening our families and that takes it to another level. Usually that doesn't happen. We have to put them in a safe house, and I think it's worrisome for all of us that this guy is capable of anything. He's probably the most dangerous character of all throughout the entire season. So I think that makes it very personal, and very real and very troublesome for the team, because he's involving all of our families. So that I think brings it to the next level.

The team is used to being in danger by this point, but their civilian families are usually well out of the line of fire while the agents are in the field. The Season 3 finale will blend the personal with the professional with their loved ones targeted, and it doesn’t bode well if this is a criminal with enough resources to force their families into a safe house. This bad guy being dubbed “probably the most dangerous character” of the entire season is certainly saying something, considering what happened to Kenny and then what happened to Jess! 

Remy’s return to New York has meant reunions with his mother and sister, which haven’t been without complications, particularly in light of his mom’s health struggles and his brother’s death. Dylan McDermott shared how Sarkov targeting families will hit Remy in light of these recent reunions, saying:

His anxiety level is through the roof in this episode because of that. He's back in New York. He's trying to forge this relationship with his mother and sister and the fact that they're now in danger – and plus, you know, the history with his brother – I think it's all just a lot for him to handle in this particular episode. So he wants to resolve this pretty quickly.

Whether or not Remy can resolve this case quickly remains to be seen, but it’s probably safe to say that Most Wanted won’t wrap the finale case half an hour in. For the sake of the team, hopefully they manage to catch the fugitive without much collateral damage! The group is already short one member, with Barnes off on maternity leave while actress Roxy Sternberg takes her own real-life maternity leave

Watch the Season 3 finale of FBI: Most Wanted on Tuesday, May 24 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, following the Season 1 finale of FBI: International (and leading man Luke Kleintank has already previewed a “huge cliffhanger”) at 9 p.m. and the Season 4 finale of FBI (which could go “terrifically wrong” for Jubal based on what Jeremy Sisto had to say) at 8 p.m. For some viewing options once the three FBIs have ended for the 2021-2022 TV season, check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule

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