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Teeter Alert! Yellowstone’s Jen Landon On Big Season 5 Promotion And Her Reaction To Fans’ 'Save Teeter' Efforts

Even though Jen Landon's hyper-twangy Teeter hasn’t been a Yellowstone character that fans often expect to see anchoring an episode’s most important and consequential scenes, that doesn’t mean we aren’t hopeful for it. Thankfully, with Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western hit heading back to cable later this year for Season 5, viewers can definitely expect to see more Teeter on the way, as the actress was promoted to series regular for the upcoming episodes. And while it might not surprise anyone too much to learn this, Landon is pretty pleased with her evolving Yellowstone future, even if it does mean the character’s narrative stakes are also evolving.

Jen Landon spoke with CinemaBlend to promote Yellowstone’s recently released Season 4 Blu-ray and DVD sets (opens in new tab), which are jam-packed with features that will keep fans busy for hours. And as seen in the video above and the words below, we talked about Teeter’s big emotional scene in Season 4, leading into the great Season 5 news, as well as her reaction to fans’ online support when it seemed like Teeter was getting booted from the bunkhouse. 

Teeter's Emotional Season 4 Scene

Lloyd and Walker could have easily ended the season facing the wrath of millions of angry Yellowstone fans, since it was their immature postering over Laramie that led to their last-man-standing brawl, as well as the moratorium on women staying in the bunkhouse. Thankfully, that decision was reversed, largely because Teeter approached John and Rip with an emotional appeal, questioning what the brand on her chest meant if she wasn't allowed to stay. 

When I asked Jen Landon how she felt about reading that scene for the first time and getting to tap into those parts of Teeter's headspace, here's how she replied:

Yeah, gosh, I remember when I read the scene. I got really choked up reading it, and it tied in to the scene in Season 3 where she's branded. And you know, whatever we feel about searing a human with something, but feeling like you [belong], that was something that I so wanted for her in the sense of belonging. Like, 'I am one of now, one of a group.' Because Teeter was always one of one for all of her adult life. So when I read that scene, I immediately locked in, because as an actor, we have a really vagabond experience ourselves. We're on the road a lot. Having sustainable relationships is hard.

While I've no doubt in my mind that Teeter would live a perfectly fine and exciting life for herself if she had to vacate the Y ranch's grounds, this particular group of lunkheads is what suits her best. And in that same vein, Landon's fellow Yellowstone co-stars are the kind of close-knit group that she herself was aiming to find. She continued:

I have my own background with sort of a family that kind of got spread out and spread apart, and lost its own glue. And that was something I always really longed for, personally, was the sense of family. So it was really right there. That was one that I had to read and sort of leave alone.

While Yellowstone obviously isn't going to last forever, with Taylor Sheridan already saying he doesn't think the show will make it to nine seasons before things will conclude, one can only hope that Teeter survives until the final credits roll. 

On Being Promoted To Series Regular For Yellowstone Season 5

Considering how pleased and comforted Jen Landon felt by being enveloped into the Yellowstone family during Season 4, one might think the Season 5 promotion would have inspired that feeling being multiplied several times over. However, she had a far more measured and pragmatic take on the situation, saying:

You know, I don't know. I don't know. I'm really thankful for it. I'm really thankful for it. Maybe it does, but you know, everything in life is impermanent. There was a weird experience that I think I'm having about this like sign of a more, like, permanent feeling there, in a weird way increases the fear of when it goes away. Because we can't hold on to anything ever. So yeah, it feels really nice.

On one hand, it seems somewhat counterintuitive to what she's said before, but on the other hand, Jen Landon is just as aware as Yellowstone fans are that having a bigger spotlight on one's character just makes the character that much more likely to get killed off in some fucked up situation. Obviously Teeter has already experienced an extremely unique trauma within this world, with her and Colby getting trampled by horses in Season 3, leading to the murders and the branding and so on. But this promotion could easily mean a bigger target being put on Teeter's back in Season 5 and beyond. 

On Fans Wanting To Save Teeter From Leaving Yellowstone

When it looked as if John's plans for a men-only bunkhouse would be the norm, fans were obviously less than ecstatic about what might happen if Teeter had to find some other kind of housing and job situation. And even though Jen Landon isn't someone who keeps social media at an arm's length at any given moment, she did indeed learn about the positive Teeter support being spread around, and shared this response:

I was moved. I try to stay off the internet and the sort of reactions, just for protective reasons. But the PR Viacom people kind of made me aware that there was this, like, 'Save Teeter' thing going on, and I was really touched by that.

Here's hoping that fans never have to worry about bringing the 'Save Teeter' movement back online again, and that she'll be living large and in charge in future episodes, without a care in the world. Well, except for how much she cares about gone to the bone zone with Colby, and she cares a lot, baw.

 Yellowstone fans can check out all four seasons currently available on DVD and Blu-ray, with Season 4 having only recently hit stores (with a gobsmacker of a reveal from 1883’s Tim McGraw). For those who prefer to stream, anybody with a Peacock subscription is able to stream the first three seasons currently, with the fourth being available on March 28. And while waiting for more news about Season 5 and the various spinoffs on the way, head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are coming soon.

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