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Yellowstone Season 4 Streaming: When And Where You’ll Be Able To Watch The Latest Episodes

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If you missed out on all those shocking moments from Yellowstone Season 4 and are tired of avoiding spoilers left and right, you’re in for some good news as Taylor Sheridan’s action-packed and plot-twist-heavy series will soon be coming to one of the most popular streaming services around. And even if you watched all the episodes as they premiered on the Paramount Network in late 2021 and early 2022, you should also be stoked because soon you'll be able to binge the entire season (or all four seasons if you want to see it from the beginning).

Below is everything you need to know in order to watch Yellowstone Season 4 streaming, including when and where you can watch it, when you can expect to see it on DVD and Blu-ray, and some information about another little show called 1883 you’re probably heard about at this point. Let’s go back to the Dutton Ranch.

When And Where To Watch Yellowstone Season 4 Streaming

If you were planning on carrying out one hell of binge-session for the first three seasons of Yellowstone before the fourth chapter makes its streaming debut, you better get a move on because it will land on Peacock by the end of March 2022. Starting March 28, you can watch Yellowstone Season 4 streaming in its entirety on the popular streaming service, but only if you have a Peacock Premium subscription (which, in my opinion, is honestly worth it for fans of Taylor Sheridan’s successful neo-western drama).

On the day it makes its streaming debut, Yellowstone Season 4 will grouped with all previous seasons. You can search it out on Peacock yourself or click the handy link to the show’s page down below.

Stream Yellowstone on Peacock. (opens in new tab)

When Will Yellowstone Season 4 Be Available On DVD And Blu-Ray?

Don’t feel like waiting until the end of March to watch Yellowstone Season 4? Well, you’re in luck because the fourth chapter in the epic saga comes to DVD and Blu-ray on March 8. Not only will you get all 10 episodes, you’ll also be able to dig into over four hours of bonus content that sounds like a must for die-hard fans of the series. Included in the bundle are multiple documentaries that tackle everything from the filming of the fourth season to analysis of the characters, locations, and big events that went down by the time of the hectic season finale.

Buy Yellowstone Season 4 on DVD/Blu-ray on Amazon. (opens in new tab)

But if you’re even more impatient than most, you can go ahead and buy a digital copy of Yellowstone Season 4 or individual episodes on Amazon. However, it should be noted you don’t get access to the special features if you take this route.

Buy Yellowstone Season 4 on Amazon. (opens in new tab)

How To Watch 1883 Streaming (And Future Yellowstone Spinoffs)

Now that the Yellowstone prequel series 1883 has concluded its first and presumably only season, as Taylor Sheridan told Deadline, now is the perfect time to watch all 10 episodes and pick up all those connections to the original series. But don’t go looking around on Peacock for Dutton family origin story because unlike the main series, 1883 calls another service home. But don’t worry because anyone with an active Paramount+ subscription can watch the drama unfold 

Stream 1883 on Paramount+. (opens in new tab)

And even though it looks like 1883 is over, there are more Yellowstone spinoff series in the works that will soon call the app formerly known as CBS All Access home. The streaming platform previously announced Yellowstone 6666 spinoff series and in early 2022 revealed another prequel series 1932 that will explore the Dutton family history during Prohibition and the Great Depression.

While you wait for more about the franchise's future, like the highly-anticipated Yellowstone Season 5, take a quick look at CinemaBlend's listing of all the 2022 TV premiere dates.

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