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25 Years Into Their Marriage, Hugh Jackman Still Has Nothing But Praise For His Wife

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
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If there’s two things actor Hugh Jackman is known for, one of them is, without question, his role as Wolverine in the earlier run of X-Men movies. But on the more personal side, the Australian legend is also known for his tireless devotion to one of the best relationships in Hollywood, through his marriage to wife Deborah Ann Furness. After almost 25 years of marriage, Jackman is still showing her nothing but praise, thanks to a recent social media post where he brags about his wife receiving a pretty big honor.

Recently, Ms. Furness was named an Officer of the Order of Australia, as part of the honors that are revealed annually on Australia Day. Responding to this occasion through his Instagram presence, Mr. Jackman showered his spouse with love to congratulate her in the public eye. His specific message, in its entirety, reads as follows: 

Deborah Ann Furness received her honor for a cause that’s very important to herself, as well as her husband, which is the reform of Australia’s adoption system. Through her organization Adopt Change, Furness has acted as a vital force in ensuring that foster children are able to find a loving home, as quickly and safely as possible. As the actress and her husband are a success story when it comes to the adoption process, through their own two children, one can see just why this cause is so close to the beautifully generous couple. 

This is a family that absolutely upholds the value of philanthropy, as Hugh Jackman is also known for his involvement in generous dealings. While his Laughing Man Coffee brand may be the butt of several Ryan Reynolds involved jokes, it’s also linked to his foundation supporting entrepreneurship, development of community, and education. Not to mention, Deborah Ann Furness’ honor compliments Mr. Jackman’s own naming as a Companion of the Order of Australia during 2019’s honors. 

Thanks to Ms. Furness becoming an Officer of the Order of Australia, a legacy of charitable work and good spirited service continues to grow. It’s just another reason that it’s clear to the world why she and Hugh Jackman are such perfect soulmates. Then again, even if the Australian government wasn’t involved in telling Deborah how awesome she is, you could always count on Hugh to say so through one of his many throwbacks to the path that led them to where they are today. 

Of course, Hugh Jackman has been keeping busy in-between moments as his darling wife’s unofficial PR rep. His latest film Reminiscence is one of the many HBO Max movies you can currently catch on the streaming platform. Not to mention, if you’re in the New York area, or are planning to be in the months to come, you can see the man singing and dancing like an absolute pro in the currently running Broadway production of The Music Man.

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