A Haunting In Venice: Release Date, Trailer And Other Things We Know About The Agatha Christie Adaptation

Kenneth Branagh in A Haunting in Venice
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There have been dozens of adaptations of famed mystery writer Agatha Christie’s most iconic novels, novellas, and short stories, whether it be big-screen productions like Murder on the Orient Express, or TV mysteries like Agatha Christie’s Marple. And since the late novelist’s work is as popular as ever, it should come as no surprise that another star-studded film based on one of her stories will soon be entertaining audiences with murder, mystery, and, of course, her most famous character, Hercule Poirot (and his iconic mustache).

In the very near future, Kenneth Branagh will make a third whodunit based on Christie’s work with A Haunting in Venice. Below is everything we know about the movie so far, including its release date, information on the cast, and a few other things to keep in mind before we can finally feast our eyes on one of the most intriguing titles on the 2023 movie schedule

What A Haunting In Venice’s Release Date?

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Fans of murder mystery thrillers and supernatural horror will be in for quite a treat when A Haunting in Venice opens in theaters on September 15th. One of the many upcoming Disney movies set to open before year’s end, the Agatha Christie adaptation is slated to come out around the same time as other highly anticipated horror movies like The Nun 2 and Satanic Hispanics.

Kenneth Branagh Will Direct And Reprise The Role Of Hercule Poirot

Kenneth Branagh stands looking eerily into a mirror at night in A Haunting In Venice.

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Kenneth Branagh, who took home an Academy Award and Golden Globe for his Belfast screenplay in early 2022, will follow up his successful autobiographical drama with his third Agatha Christie adaptation, both as a director and actor. In October 2022, Variety reported that Branagh, who previously directed Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, would don the iconic mustache and sense of humor as the famed detective once more.

Branagh’s first two Christie adaptations were hits at the box office, with the 2017 murder mystery bringing in a surprisingly large amount of money and the 2022 sequel debuting in first place.

A Haunting In Venice Will Also Feature Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, And Michelle Yeoh

A Haunting in Venice cast

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Kenneth Branagh is no stranger when it comes to working with large ensembles, especially with the Death on the Nile cast chock full of talented actors, and so he’ll feel right at home with A Haunting in Venice. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Branagh will be appearing alongside and directing two of the stars from BelfastJamie Dornan and newcomer Jude Hill. Other heavyweights set to appear in the movie are Tina Fey and Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh

Also joining the cast are Kelly Reilly (Yellowstone, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Emma Laird (Mayor of Kingstown, The Crowded Room), Kyle Allen (West Side Story, American Horror Story), Camille Cottin (House of Gucci, Stillwater), Ali Khan (The School of Good and Evil, 6 Underground), and Riccardo Scamarcio (John Wick: Chapter 2, To Rome with Love). 

A Haunting In Venice’s Trailer Teases Murder, Mystery, and The Supernatural

boats on the canals in A haunting in Venice

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The world got a peek at A Haunting In Venice when 20th Century Studios released the first teaser trailer in April 2023, which teased a spooky new adventure for Hercule Poirot. Three months later, a longer, and more in-depth trailer was released and showed audiences more of what they can expect to see when the movie drops this fall. Murder, mystery, and a taste of the supernatural are all on the menu in this night of otherworldly fun and games.

The major players, their wishes and desires, and some terrifying scenes of pure horror are all on display in this nearly two-and-a-half-minute trailer. It will be fun to see what kind of performances director Kenneth Branagh gets out of the cast as well as what kind of surprises his has in store for moviegoers this fall.

The Movie Will Center On An All Hallow’s Eve Séance Where One Of The Guests Ends Up Dead

A group gathers for a seance in A Haunting in Venice

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When the mystery makes its theatrical debut in September 2023, it will center on a retired Poirot who is living in self-imposed exile until being called into action once more. Upon announcing the project in October 2022, Variety reported that the movie’s drama will kick off at an All Hallow’s Eve séance at an old haunted palazzo in post-World War II Venice, where one member of the party not only speaks with the dead, they join their numbers.

Reluctant to go back to his detective background, Poirot is forced to return to his old ways and get to the bottom of the sinister and shadowy mystery at hand.

Unlike His Previous Agatha Christie Adaptations, Kenneth Branagh Described The Movie As A ‘Supernatural Thriller’

A masked figure aboard a boat in A Haunting in Vencie

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Kenneth Branagh’s first two Agatha Christie movies were undeniably murder mysteries with layers being peeled back before you had a grasp as to what was actually happening. However, when it comes to the tone and style of A Haunting in Venice, it appears as if the Academy Award-winning filmmaker is making more of a supernatural thriller opposed to a whodunit, as he told The Hollywood Reporter in April 2023:

I would say that we are firmly a supernatural thriller, and the normal rules do not apply. So, as magnificent as Venice is, the film and the story itself is not as Gothic as it might appear, but it’s certainly exotic. It’s certainly mysterious, as is Michael’s other work. And in Agatha Christie’s work, you have the chance for a conversation that subverts the genre, so we certainly are happy, as she was and Michael is, to scare people.

Branagh, who hasn’t made a horror movie since his work on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1994, seems to be excited about playing with elements of the genre while also combining those with aspects of the murder mystery premise to create something both fun and terrifying.

A Haunting In Venice Is Based On Agatha Christie’s 1969 Novel, Hallowe'en Party

Kenneth Branagh in Murder On The Orient Express

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Just like Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, the upcoming film is based on one of Agatha Christie’s murder mystery novels, but unlike those two movies, this third Poirot movie doesn’t carry the same name of the book on which it is based. According to Deadline, the film is based on Christie’s 1969 novel, Hallowe’en Party, which came out little more than a half-a-decade before the prolific author passed away.

This will also mark the first time the novel has received a theatrical adaptation, though its story has been turned into multiple TV shows and radio broadcasts since its release more than 50 years ago.

The Creative Team Behind Murder On The Orient Express And Death On The Nile Return For A Haunting In Venice

The Murder on the Orient Express cast

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There is a very good chance this movie will look and feel like the director's previous two Christie movies, as the film will have the same creative team behind the scenes, according to Deadline. In addition to the return of Branagh as director and star, screenwriter Michael Green, who also wrote films like Logan and Blade Runner 2049, among others, penned this third adaptation.

The duo will also serve as producers alongside Judy Hofflund. On board as executive producers are Louise Killin, James Prichard, Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg, and Mark Gordon.

While we wait for A Haunting in Venice to make its big-screen debut this September, now would be a great time to get all caught up with all the other book-to-movie adaptations set to come out this year and beyond. 

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