Michelle Yeoh Fans Have All The Feels After Video Of Her Mother’s Reaction To Oscar Win Goes Viral

Michelle Yeoh holding up her Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards.
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Just about every time someone from Everything Everywhere All at Once took the stage to accept their Oscar I was in tears, a lot of us were. However, what really brought on the waterworks was Michelle Yeoh's historic Best Actress. While the actress’s speech had many people in tears a couple of nights ago, the video of her mother celebrating her daughter has everyone in the feels all over again, and it's the best thing ever. 

Yeoh is from Malaysia, and her family members that live there gathered to celebrate the actress and her Oscar win. One moment in particular that’s been making the rounds is the heartwarming video of her mom, Janet Yeoh, cheering her on from her home country, as you can see in one video posted by Pop Crave

You can feel the excitement and emotion in that room, and at the big celebration for Michelle Yeoh, her mother told the AP:

I so love my daughter and she has made Malaysia proud. Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can)!

Janet Yeoh was so excited for her “little princess,” and that excitement was felt around the world as many emotionally reacted to the wholesome mother-daughter moment. 

Between Michelle Yeoh’s acceptance speech, which was dedicated to her mother, and this video of Janet Yeoh celebrating her daughter, fans had reached a level of joy that matches Jamie Lee Curtis’ ecstatic reaction to her co-star’s Golden Globe win as well as her emotionally explaining why Michelle Yeoh is the reason she got nominated. For example, affq responded to the video by saying: 

This video got me in tears [happy tears emojis] everyone’s so proud of her. Well deserved

Another fan responded to the adorable video with an image that humorously explains how big a deal this win is, cosmiic posted: 

The mix of seeing Michelle Yeoh accept her Oscar and her mother cheering her on, along with many others, made me overwhelmed with emotion, and bibub had a similar wholesome thought as they tweeted:

pure joy n happy tears from your mom is A LITERAL BLISSFUL HEAVEN ON EARTH🥰

Many felt really connected to Michelle Yeoh’s win because she was the first Asian actor, and second actor of color to win the Best Actress award. Sye Lokata tweeted about the pride they felt for her, and why they loved the family’s celebration so much: 

This is awesome! 😭 I can feel the pride for her 🙏 My family in the Philippines was like this when they found out I got honorable mention in a Starbucks poetry competition 🤣

It’s also worth noting that this video of Janet Yeoh is highly rewatchable because of how infectiously joyous it is. Katie pointed this out, as they tweeted: 

I cannot stop watching videos of Michelle Yeoh's mom as she wins the Oscar 😭😍🥰

All the excitement, joy and celebration in that room for one of the 2023 Oscar winners makes me want to cheer along with them, and knowing that the award is dedicated to the woman in this viral video gives me even more feels. 

For context, after Yeoh’s name was called she made sure to mention her family, who we saw in this viral clip, and she said: 

I have to dedicate this to my mom, all the moms in the world. Because they are really the superheroes. And without them, none of us will be here tonight. She’s 84, and I’m taking this home to her. She’s watching right now in Malaysia, K.L., with family and friends. I love you guys. I’m bringing this home to you.

What a moment! It was so sweet to see both  Michelle Yeoh’s speech to her mother’s reaction. Many winners thanked their mothers during their time on stage, especially the winners from the Everything Everywhere All at Once crew. Seeing this little movie that could take home seven awards, Michelle Yeoh’s mom celebrating her daughter’s big night, and knowing just how historic this Oscars was is heartwarming, and it’s an Academy moment I’ll never forget. 

All the Best Picture nominees are worth checking out, however, Everything Everywhere All at Once was the big winner of the night, and if you haven’t seen it yet you really should, it’ll make this Yeoh family moment even more emotional and heartfelt. 

You can stream Everything Everywhere All at Once on Showtime, and make sure to stay up to date on both the 2023 TV schedule and 2023's new movie releases, because we’ll be seeing a lot more of Academy Award Winner Michelle Yeoh this year. 

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