After Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors Got Caught Checking Out A Reporter, She Dropped A Funny Response

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors are currently embarking on a massive press tour together to promote their new film, Creed III. They seem to get along great and have fantastic chemistry even through a lengthy promotional schedule. They also seemed to have fun during one particular interview with an entertainment reporter. And funny enough, they were caught checking her out after she completed her interview. The clip is hilarious, and the reporter was flattered, posting a funny response after the moment went viral.

Sharronda Williams was one of the many journalists who had the opportunity to interview the Creed III stars during a recent press junket. Her bubbly personality put the two movie stars at ease and she asked great, thoughtful questions about the film. At the beginning and end of the interview, both Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors can hilariously be seen checking Williams, and it was honestly only a mtter of time before their stares caught the Internet's attention. Williams herself thought the moment was also very funny, and posted a cheeky response. You can check out her Instagram post below:

In the caption, Sharronda Williams remarks that “her wagon went viral” and also says that she is single and needs help looking for a husband. Maybe this means the Creed III actors have a shot. They both seemed very much interested, so maybe the two will return to the ring to duke it out for the chance. (That's highly unlikely, but it's funny to think about.) Interestingly though, Jonathan Majors previously said that they chat about girl troubles, so I wonder if the duo talked about this interview afterwards. While both of the men were a bit flirtatious, they still could not have been more professional during the interview and responded to Williams’ great questions with thoughtful answers. You can check out the full interview on Williams’ YouTube channel.

All the while, the two mega stars clearly care a lot about the project. This is especially meaningful for Michael B. Jordan, who makes his directorial debut with the third Creed film.  And Jordan's boxing flick is getting great reviews, so it seems like the Black Panther actor has another big screen hit on his hands. Adding Jonathan Majors to the cast was also a smart move, as the Lovecraft County star is talented and is becoming one of the most in-demand actors working today. In addition to Jordan and Majors, the film also welcomes Tessa Thompson back to the franchise, and Sylvester Stallone and Ryan Coogler act as producers on the project. 

This is a huge film, meaning the press the stars are doing for the movie is essential. With that, it's great that they're also having fun in the process. Certainly the stars' interaction with Sharronda Williams will go down as a prime press memory, and kudos to her for seeing the humor in her "wagon" taking the Internet by storm.

You can catch Creed III now, as its playing nationwide exclusively in cinemas. Fans of the franchise can currently check out the first two movies using an HBO Max subscription, before seeingthe latest installment. For more information on other productions hitting theaters this year, make sure you consult CinemaBlend’s schedule of 2023 new movie releases.

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