Alec Baldwin Breaks Silence Over Rust Accident And Halyna Hutchins' Death

Alec Baldwin has been, understandably, laying low ever since the events two weeks ago when the actor pulled the trigger on a prop gun that somehow still fired, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. However, the actor has finally broken his long silence, speaking to paparazzi who have been waiting for him outside his home in Vermont. 

In a video posted by TMZ, Alec Baldwin, who is clearly having a hard time dealing with the events that transpired, reiterated more than once that he’s been asked not to say anything about the ongoing investigation into the events that killed the director of photography and injured the director of the western film Rust. However, he was willing to speak about Halyna Hutchins herself. Baldwin spoke about having dinner with her and the director when he arrived in town before filming began. Baldwin said... 

The day I arrived in Santa Fe and started shooting I took her to dinner with Joel [Souza], the director. We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened.

Alec Baldwin posted a statement to social media 10 days ago regarding the events that transpired on the set of Rust, but this is the first time the actor has taken any questions regarding what took place. As seen in the video, the actor’s wife, Hilaria, recorded the entire exchange on her phone, likely to be sure that they had a record of the event in case any statements were taken out of context.

One question that was asked of Alec Baldwin that was within what he felt comfortable answering was the fate of the film that was being made when all this took place. Baldwin was asked if he thought the movie Rust would be finished, and Baldwin, who is also a producer on the film, gave an honest assessment saying simply…

I doubt it.

Considering the tragic events that took place, it would likely be some time before anybody would even consider wanting to go back to work on the film, and that assumes that anybody ever wants to do so. It may ultimately be seen in poor taste. 

The investigation is still ongoing as officials in Santa Fe, New Mexico attempt to determine exactly what happened on set that led to the death. It’s been reported that when the prop gun in question was handed to Alec Baldwin, it had been declared safe to use on the set. It had passed through the hands of both the film’s assistant director as well as the on-set armorer, prior to being given to the actor. 

Clearly, a tragic mistake was made. The question is simply where that mistake, or mistakes, took place. The Santa Fe district attorney has said that all options remain on the table when it comes to consequences, including the possibility of criminal charges if it’s felt that they are warranted. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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