Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Speaks Out Following The Death of Halyna Hutchins

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural
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After a tragic accident on the set of the Alec Baldwin-starring film Rust, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ untimely death has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. It’s also prompted friends, family and collaborators who have worked with Ms. Hutchins to pay their respects. The latest person to do just that is Jensen Ackles, star of Supernatural, as well as a co-star in the cast of Rust. 

Reflecting on his admiration of Halyna Hutchins’ work, Jensen Ackles recalled telling her how much he enjoyed her work. Included in an Instagram post that saw the actor stating that “we are all still processing” the events of last week, Ackles fondly honored his memories of Ms. Hutchins’ warmth and work. His full message can be read in that post, included below:

Jensen Ackles’ remembrance of Halyna Hutchins shows an appreciation for the cinematographer’s work ethic, who had been making a name for herself through films like director Adam Egypt Mortimer’s Archenemy. Recounting how he praised her work on Rust, and her response of a hug and a “thank you,” Ackles closed his thoughts with the links to the AFI scholarship fund in her name, as well as a GoFundMe to help support Hutchins’ family. 

Last week’s unfortunate accidental death of Halyna Hutchins has been the subject of investigative scrutiny. As confirmed by People, Rust’s production has been shut down as a result, per an email sent to the crew of the film. For the moment, the film is currently considered paused “until the investigations are complete,” with no specified restart date in sight. 

In the aftermath, Alec Baldwin has spoken about his cooperation with said investigation, as he was the actor on Rust’s set who fired the gun in question. We’ve also heard from Hutchins’ father, Anatoly Androsovych, who states that he doesn’t hold Baldwin responsible for his daughter’s accidental death. Even the late Brandon Lee’s family responded to the incident, as it’s a tragedy all too similar to the actor’s death on the set of The Crow

There is no good when it comes to the events that saw Rust lead to Halyna Hutchins’ accidental death. However, there are lessons that can be learned from the details we know so far. ABC’S The Rookie has banned live weapons on the set of the series as a result, and it’s only a matter of time before future productions start to make similar changes to ensure the safety of cast and crew. 

As of this moment, Rust is not rolling cameras, pending the results of the ongoing investigation. In the meantime, if you are curious about the films in the pipeline for release throughout the rest of the year, 2021’s release schedule has those details. We here at CinemaBlend once again send our deepest condolences to Halnya Hutchins’ family, friends and loved ones. 

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