Anna Kendrick Got Stuck In An Elevator But Has A Great Sense Of Humor About The Fashion Emergency That Ensued

Anna Kendrick in Stowaway
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Anna Kendrick isn’t afraid to give her witty commentary on personal events like the time her Twitter account got hacked and did so just recently. While at the Toronto International Film Festival, the star found herself in a dramatic situation. Believe it or not, Kendrick got stuck in an elevator while doing press at the event. But as usual, the Oscar nominee was able to find the humor in the unusual situation, especially when it came to a potential fashion emergency.

Before the Pitch Perfect star reflected on that potential fashion mishap at the TIFF, she was the first one to report on her elevator failure. The Oscar nominee gave a comedic take on the situation, as she provided her commentary in a post shared on her Instagram. Kendrick's trademark dry wit was on full display, as she and her entourage were rescued from the elevator. Just watch the actress' entire breakdown in the full post below.

Everyone in the elevator seemed entertained by the comedy stylings of the fan-favorite actress. Which is good, because being stuck in an elevator filled with passengers from corner to corner can be scary and anxiety-inducing. The entourage’s side commentary likely made the situation less stressful as well. It's great that the occupants made the best of the ordeal as evidenced by the photos from the actress, including those with the firefighters who rescued the passengers.

After the serious situation, ET caught up with the 37-year-old star at the premiere event for her new thriller Alice, Darling. Anna Kendrick explained just how she viewed the situation in the moment:

You know what? It was very dramatic. The second that the elevator like kerplunked it was like... well, obviously we're not trapped in this elevator, that would be too crazy, that would be insane. I was in this absurdist comedy. Thank goodness, because otherwise, I would have been in a horror film about being trapped in an elevator forever.

As Anna Kendrick pointed out, the whole thing sounded like a horror film in the making. Though such a notion might be somewhat intriguing to her, since she is preparing to direct and star in the true-crime thriller The Dating Game. But what really stands out amid her sentiments is her comment about wearing a long skirt. She broke down why her attire was significant as she and the other occupants were rescued.

Everything else I had was like a miniskirt, but something tells me today is going to be the day to wear the long flowy skirt and that was the day that I had to climb out of a hatch at the top of an elevator.

Maybe she subconsciously knew something might happen but, most likely, it was a coincidence that she picked that particular outfit. Either way, her fashion choice worked out in her favor, since she had to climb out of an elevator hatch. I don't know about you all, but the actress and director may want to channel this experience into a screenplay. I know I'd watch that movie.

Anna Kendrick currently has The Dating Game and A Simple Favor 2 lined up on her current thriller movie run. Alice, Darling premiered at TIFF, which critics are calling a career-best performance from Kendrick. The thriller doesn’t have a wide release date lined up yet but, in the meantime, you can check out CinemaBlend's schedule of upcoming movies to stay updated on that front. Right now, you can also watch her in the space thriller Stowaway by getting a Netflix subscription.

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