Anne Heche Remains In Coma, Family Says She's 'Not Expected To Survive'

Anne Heche
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Anne Heche’s family has released a statement regarding the actress’s condition following a series of car accidents she suffered almost a week ago. And unfortunately, the news is not positive. 

In a statement that has been obtained by CNN, Anne Heche’s friends and family have revealed:

Unfortunately, due to her accident, Anne Heche suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and remains in a coma, in critical condition. She is not expected to survive. It has long been her choice to donate her organs and she is being kept on life support to determine if any are viable. … More than her extraordinary talent, she saw spreading kindness and joy as her life’s work – especially moving the needle for acceptance of who you love. She will be remembered for her courageous honesty and dearly missed for her light.

Earlier this week, Anne Heche was involved in two crashes in the Los Angeles area that eventually led to her having to be hospitalized. During the first incident, Heche’s vehicle went off the road and crashed into the parking garage of an apartment complex. The actress pulled away from that crash scene and continued driving, but eventually sped off of the road at a high speed and crashed into a home in the Mar Vista neighborhood of West Hollywood. 

As waves of support poured in from Anne Heche’s family members and friends, reports came from local authorities that they planned to test the actress’s blood for toxins that may have impaired the driver and caused the crash. Early reports coming in suggest that Heche might have had cocaine and fentanyl in her system, though it’s being argued that the fentanyl might have been administered by the hospital staff as a pain medication. 

Paparazzi caught up with Anne Heche’s famous ex Ellen Degeneres earlier, but the talk show host made it clear that the two do not keep in contact anymore, so she had no real information to offer beyond well wishes and condolences. Though updates on the actress’s condition were arriving on the regular from her representatives, this morning’s news discussing how Heche will be remembered seems to suggest that there is no hope of a recovery, and she will die from the injuries sustained in the accidents.

Heche’s on-screen legacy includes a string of popular films in the 1990s and early 2000s that had her collaborating with Harrison Ford (Six Days Seven Nights), Robert De Niro (Wag the Dog) and Johnny Depp (Donnie Brasco). Most recently, she was a co-star in the TV series The Idol, the legal drama All Rise, and had a recurring role as a Superindendent on the popular television program Chicago P.D.

We will continue to bring you updates regarding Anne Heche's medical condition as they arrive.

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