Anne Heche’s Son Homer Laffoon Requests More Access To His Late Mother’s Estate

The public was shocked by the death of Anne Heche back in August, which happened as the result of a truly terrible car crash. Since the 53-year-old actress’ passing was so unexpected, there’s been a legal battle over her estate, as well as the custody of her youngest child. And now Heche’s eldest son Homer Laffoon has requested more access to his late mother’s estate.

On August 31st Homer Laffoon filed a petition to the Los Angeles County probate court asking to be named Anne Heche’s estate administrator, as the late actress didn’t have an updated will at the time of her passing. But there’s been some push back, namely by Heche’s ex James Tupper who is also trying to take control of her estate. And per a new report by Page Six, Laffoon is hoping to get even more access, which will seemingly be up to the courts.

According to documents acquired by Page Six, Homer Laffoon filed an application to expand his authority over his late mother’s estate. Specifically, he’s hoping to take his mother’s money and possessions ahead of the next court hearing. Per this report he wants to be able to get access to Anne Heche’s apartment, to get those personal belongings that “need to be moved out of the apartment as soon as possible in order to avoid additional fees, costs and possible loss to the estate.”

Earlier it was reported that Anne Heche passed away with $400k in her bank account at the time of her unexpected death. It seems like Homer Laffoon is trying to straighten up her financial situation, and that there are unclaimed checks in the apartment. Per this legal statement, Laffoon “is aware of numerous checks made payable to [Heche] that need to be negotiated, endorsed and deposited into a bank account in the name of the estate in a timely manner so that the checks are not voided."

Considering Anne Heche left two sons behind her, being able to properly account for all of her money is no doubt important– even if its less than the public might have assumed. This is just the latest update of the ongoing legal battle surrounding the late actress’ estate. Because as previously mentioned, Homer Laffoon and Heche’s ex James Tupper have been feuding in court for a few months now.

Aside from the money involved, Tupper and Laffoon’s conflict surrounding Anne Heche’s estate also involves another very important issue: the custody of 13-year-old James Tupper. James’ father and half-brother are both attempting to be named guardian ad litem. So the stakes are certainly high, which should result in plenty of eyes watching the ongoing legal proceedings.

Anne Heche has a number of posthumous projects on the way, both on the small and silver screens. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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