Channing Tatum’s Intense Lap Dance Scene Was ‘Very’ Physically Challenging, According To Salma Hayek

Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek in Magic Mike's Last Dance
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Can you believe it’s been a decade since Magic Mike strip danced its way into theaters? Well, you’ll be seeing Channing Tatum play the iconic role one last time in Magic Mike’s Last Dance where you can expect all of his sexy moves to hit a whole new level. While the 42-year-old’s hyped-up lap dance in the movie has been described as “sexy” and “steamy,” Salma Hayek actually called the intense lap dance scene “very” physically challenging.

The new trailer for Magic Mike’s Last Dance showed "Magic Mike" Lane shirtless, wet, and giving Salma Hayek’s character a lap dance to show her that bartending is clearly not all that he does. Oh, the things she didn’t know. But, here’s something you may not know- Hayek told ET that this arousing scene was not a cakewalk.

It's very physically challenging. My goodness. You just wait to see. It's just complicated.

Not every actress can say they’ve been privileged enough to check out Channing Tatum’s smooth moves live and in person. This actress almost wasn’t Salma Hayek. The role was originally meant for British actress Thandiwe Newton, who exited the threequel after reportedly heading to a treatment facility due to the stresses of her personal life. Hayek described her role in the movie as “a strong woman” watching and bossing around 12 semi-naked men. Not that she’s complaining or anything. 

Since Magic Mike’s Last Dance will be the final time audiences get to see Channing Tatum flaunt his stuff as an esteemed stripper, that means everything in this movie is expected to be bigger and better than ever in terms of dancing. The Step Up star calls the third Magic Mike movie “the Super Bowl of stripper movies” where the best dancers in the world show off what they’ve got. Director Steven Soderbergh wanted to up the ante of this new movie not only with Tatum and Hayek’s hot lap dance but with a big dance number featured in the film’s conclusion. I’m sure it’ll be a scene that lives on in our memories as we say goodbye to Mike Lane. The Dear John actor also wanted a strong, female central character to do a bit of dancing as well. Based on what we saw in the trailer, Hayek will be joining in on the fun with Tatum. Lucky gal. 

Some other things worth knowing about Magic Mike’s Last Dance is the plot is described as “a variation of All That Jazz.” After a business deal of Mike Lane's went bust, this on-and-off again stripper wants to return to the stage one last time to put on a show with a team of dancers that is sure to make a splash on the stripper scene. Soderbergh originally wasn’t going to make a third movie after retiring from film directing once the first Magic Mike was released. But, seeing Tatum’s live Magic Mike show and what the choreography team accomplished further inspired him to tie up the film series with a conclusion that audiences will remember. 

Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek’s “very challenging” lap dance is sure to be worth the wait. Get ready to see the steamy chemistry between the two as the 2023 movie release of Magic Mike’s Last Dance hits theaters on February 10th.

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