Chris Evans Posts Look At New Movie With Ana De Armas (And She Looks Great With Honey Blonde Hair)

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas in Knives Out
(Image credit: Lionsgate)

Chris Evans is coming off of an almost decade long relationship with Marvel as Captain America, but it looks like he is developing another strong working relationship with Ana de Armas. The two worked on Knives Out together, the upcoming 2022 film The Gray Man, and now they are developing yet another film together. Evans has now posted a look at their new movie Ghosted, and check out that beautiful honey blonde hair on De Armas.

Ana de Armas can typically be seen with her signature dark brown hair, but in Chris Evan’s new Instagram post she’s sporting some seriously cute honey blonde locks. Honestly, she almost looks unrecognizable. You can see for yourself in the post below:

She can be seen right next to Chris Evans, with her arm slung across his shoulders. It looks like she will be donning some lighter hair in their film Ghosted. The hair could be a choice made after filming Blonde, where she steps into Norma Jeane’s AKA Marilyn Monroe’s shoes. Of course, her transformation into Marilyn Monroe involved a lot lighter blonde hair, as the icon has bleach blonde hair, but it may have been easier to darker her hair just a tad for Ghosted rather than get it back to its natural color. 

Ana de Armas isn’t the only star of Ghosted to have a hair transformation, as Chris Evans seems to be having fun with his hair too. The actor previously posted about his “fluffy” hair for the film, which can still be seen in this new post. 

Apparently actress Octavia Spencer saw his previous fluffy hair, because she left a comment on his new post drawing attention to his fluff. She says she is liking the new hair and wanting Evans to embracing as she and other fans have. 

The post also got some love from Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, and fans are eating his top comment up. Paul comments that he “loves this family”, referring to Chris Evans’ caption about Ghosted’s Turner family. Even though Breaking Bad ended quite some time ago, fans are still referring to the actor as his character’s name in replies to his comment, and even asking if he’s in the film. 

While neither Octavia Spencer or Aaron Paul appear to be cast in the film and they seem to just be commenting to show their support, Ghosted is still pretty much under wraps as far as plot goes and we technically could see an interesting cameo or two. Even if we don’t see Spencer or Paul, it’s clear that Chris Evans fluffy hair is a character all its own, and Ana de Armas’ new honey blonde hair deserves some serious props too. 

Ghosted is still in the early phases of filming, so there is no release date as of yet. We do know a good bit about The Gray Man, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas’ second project together, though. The Gray Man is steadily approaching release, and you’ll be able to watch them together ahead of Ghosted when the Netflix film drops to the streaming platform in July - though the fluffy hair and honey locks on the two stars won’t be making an appearance until Ghosted.

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