Chris Pratt's Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares Sweet Photos Of Their Second Baby And Continues A Tradition She Started With Her First Kid

Katherine Schwarzenegger on the Rachael Ray show side-by-side with Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War
(Image credit: The Rachael Ray Show, Amazon)

Jurassic World Dominion star Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger recently announced the birth and name of their second child. Pratt skipped the big premieres for the movie, one of 2022's biggest new movie releases, to hang out with newborn Eloise (and hilariously photoshopped himself into the photos from the events). Schwarzenegger has now shared some photos of her own, featuring the baby girl. The photos are adorable, but we can’t help but notice that the mama of two has continued one of her long-held baby traditions, though

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt have shared pictures of their small ones relatively often, though each of their photos with toddler Lyla and now infant Eloise is missing one key feature: their faces! We’ve seen plenty of little Lyla’s leg, but the couple have never shown their 1-year-old’s face. In Schwarzenegger’s recent Instagram post, she continued this trend when sharing photos from the last two months, which show little bits of the newest member of the Pratt/Schwarzenegger family but certainly not her little face. You can check out the snapshots in the post below:

While we can’t see the little one's face, we still get a look into what the last couple months have been like in the celebrity couple's household, and it sure seems like they have been some busy ones. I’m having some serious breastfeeding struggle flashbacks with that picture of the 3 haakaas half full of milk. Having a new baby in the house is no joke, but it certainly looks like the Mrs. is putting in some serious work while also having some lovely moments with her new addition. 

Just because celebrities understand having their faces and life plastered all over the world for many to see that doesn’t mean that their children do, too. It’s the opinion of many celebrities that their children should be off limits. (George Clooney even wrote a letter to a media outlet on this, specifically.), This is why some stars, like Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger, have shielded their little ones by keeping their pictures away from social media. 

As a child of a major celebrity herself, it makes total sense that Katherine Schwarzenegger would want to protect her children as much as possible. While we may not know her experience exactly, having a heavy-hitting father like Arnold Schwarzenegger surely has likely had an impact on her life in more ways than one.

We may be able to assume that the author and media personality is the one in the household that influenced the decision to keep the littles off of social media. This is because Chris Pratt’s oldest child, Jack, has appeared in a number of photos on social media. Although, this also could totally be due to Jack being much older and more involved in the world in general. Pratt even brings the 9-year-old to work with him at times, and they shared an adorable moment together on set of The Tomorrow War.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s girls are very young, so it may just be that we’ll be seeing their little toes and the back of the head until they're old enough to be a bit more active within the general public. Seeing as their tradition of hiding the littles’ faces has some solid reasoning behind it, at this point, fans are probably pretty amused with the regular updates and creative workarounds that Pratt and Schwarzenegger come up with. I'll be waiting to see what clever method they develop next.

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