Dana Carvey Posts Wayne's World Photo With Mike Myers, And Fans (Including Josh Gad) Are Wondering About A Third Movie

In the 30 years since Wayne’s World 2 was released, bringing to life a slapdash music festival that foreshadowed doom-laden events such as Woodstock ‘99 and FyreFest, fans have been eager to see Mike Myers and Dana Carvey returning to the big screen in tandem for a third film from the SNL-originated BFFs Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. (Some more actively than others.) Despite a handful of schwing-a-licious and small-scale TV reunions coming together, nothing by way of a new movie has been announced. But Carvey lit a new fire beneath the fandom that may or may not be an artful way of hinting at Wayne's World 3.

No doubt knowing exactly the kinds of agog reactions the post would inspire, Dana Carvey shared the pic below, featuring former co-star Mike Myers in what would appear to be the set for Wayne’s basement, where their public access show is filmed. While staring at a grain of salt through rose-colored glasses, check out the comedian’s Instagram post and fail in your attempts not to spew chunks of pure bliss.  

Ex-squeeze me? A baking powder? Do you have any Grey Poupon? (Okay that third one doesn't cut the mustard, shyeah.) It's obviously difficult not to automatically jump on the hope that Carvey's post has everything to do with Wayne's World 3, and isn't just another ad campaign for UberPaints or something. The duo paired up for a fun Super Bowl commercial for UberEats in 2021, with Doja Cat appearing as well, so the ad route probably makes more logical sense in 2023 than a third movie, but since when have Wayne and Garth relied on logic to succeed? The first film's $121 million box office earnings, which made it one of the '90s biggest surprise hits, certainly didn't seem to mesh with rational thought at the time.

Not that another movie needs to exist purely for financial reasons, even though that’s par for the course. Dana Carvey’s post drew a lot of responses from fans who would go apeshit to see him and Mike Myers back as their eternally youthful rock-loving derps. Such as Josh Gad, who certainly wasn’t clamoring for “another short sketch and that’s it!” Rather, he commented with:

Please let it be 3

Not that I or anyone else would scoff disdainfully at the idea of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey rocking their signature Wayne and Garth looks for another Saturday Night Live special, as they did for the 40th anniversary. Hell, even if they got together for a karaoke version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” on The Voice, fans would jump at the chance to watch. But again, Wayne’s World 3’s existence would clearly be the ideal source of inspiration for this post.

Check out more comments from fans below, starting with actor Skyler Stone:

  • Wait. What. What is this. You know I started a Facebook page a while ago for people that wanted Wayne’s World 3 to become a real thing. Am I to understand that… it is?!?! - @theskylerstone
  • Wayne’s World 3 but it’s them streaming - @yowhatsupitsrob
  • A trilogy?!?! Yes please!! - @clintcart
  • DON’T PLAY WITH ME LIKE THIS - @shelbyjaems
  • Whaaaaat. What is this. Is this another film? Be still my beating heart!! - @christinaschaarphotography
  • Lookin for that Sports Illustrated football phone!😎 🏈 📞 - @jackclendenen

Many more fans commented on the post than those above, to be sure, but a lot of the comments were of the same shocked "is it really happening?" variety, while others understandably filled the space with quotes from the first two films. Not to mention multiple references to the famed painting scene in James Cameron's Titanic

To note, Dana Carvey did comment on his own post later, but only with a paint palette emoji. Which kinda strengthens its cryptic nature while also making it seem very much like this really is about paint or art, and not so much about a film sequel. But like my friend Jim Morrison was just telling me in a dream, "Love me two times." Which may not be relevant here, but it feels right. 

Also worth noting is Carvey's Fly on the Wall podcast co-host David Spade liked the post, so if anyone wants to crank out some Wayne's World and Joe Dirt crossover fan art, I am all eyeballs for it. In the meantime, I now feel obligated to rewatch both movies, which are available to stream for anyone with an HBO Max subscription.

Let's end with the all-too-true comment from MadTV vet and Dudesy podcast co-host Will Sasso:


Because no matter what Dana Carvey is referring to, we're still not worthy of it. But that hasn't stopped us from enjoying everything else in life, so bring on Wayne's World 3

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