Dax Shepard Claps Back After Tabloid Refers To Him And Ben Affleck As ‘Hollywood’s Most Henpecked Husbands’

If one is a celebrity that one likely understands that appearing in ridiculous tabloid headlines is just part of the job. While there might occasionally be those headlines that are frustrating to deal with, it’s probably best just to laugh at them. That’s what Dax Shepard has done with a headline that takes aim at his relationship with wife Kristen Bell, and includes newlyweds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for good measure, calling them, along with Nicole Kidman’s other half, singer Keith Urban “Hollywood’s Most Henpecked Husbands.”

A recent cover of Star apparently designates the three as “henpecked,” because their famous wives allegedly set rules that the husbands must follow. Dax Shepard posted the image to Instagram and approached it as if it was a movie poster, and honestly, Hollywood’s Most Henpecked Husbands, while it has a clunky title that should probably be workshopped, has an absolutely remarkable cast and a pretty solid setup for a good date night comedy. Dax Shepard’s elevator pitch has me sold.

I mean, to be fair, in a movie like this Ben Affleck probably would be your lead, he's currently the biggest star of the three, the future of Affleck's Batman notwithstanding, but Dax Shepard and Keith Urban as supporting players make for a solid trio. And then you have the cast of Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, and Kristen Bell and who wouldn’t want to go see a movie, or be in a movie, with those three in it together?

There are some great responses in the comments here, including some from friends of Dax Shepard who joke that they now understand why the actor doesn’t hang out with them anymore. Many celebrity men pipe up looking for cameos in this fictional film and some famous women are wondering why their own husbands were not cast. There are just laughs all around at this ridiculousness.

If there’s anything these three husbands actually have in common it’s that arguably, even in the case of Ben Affleck, we’re talking about celebrity couples where the wife is more famous than the husband. This probably makes them easy fodder for the tabloids since that’s a common trope that all men are supposed to have problems with. From all accounts these three couples are doing just fine, so I doubt these men are that insecure.

It’s probably pretty wild to be married to an Oscar winner or the voice of an actual Disney Princess. One cannot argue that these three women are absolutely incredible at what they do and have earned the status they have achieved. They’re clearly smart women, and that likely extends to their choice of husbands. There’s no arguing Kristen Bell’s husband has a solid sense of humor. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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